July Freezer Cooking Days-Results

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It took me over a week to complete last week’s menu plan, but I’m finally DONE!  We did eat 1 of each of the meals last week if you’re wondering why there is only 1 dinner of each in the freezer. 

The problem I find with freezer cooking in the summer is that most of the meals I freeze are casseroles and pasta. These seem to be heavier winter meals to me.  I’m more of a throw the chicken or fish on the grill or eat a salad type of girl in the summer.  The good news is that having these prepared meals in my freezer will save me time and money later.

Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Casserole (1 meal in freezer)
Jambalaya (1 meal in freezer)
Brown Bag Burritos (3 meals worth)
Grilled Ratatouille-not intended for freezer but it made a TON of food (separately froze pasta and veggie mixture)
Meatloaf-didn’t end up with any in freezer, but have a few lunches for me
Spaghetti with Meatballs (1 meal in freezer)—-all in big pot in photo
Freeze Mashed Potatoes made with only milk, butter and s/p (2 pans in freezer)

*I considered making chicken, salsa, black beans and cheese burritos for the freezer, but the kids really like the Brown Bag Burritos.   I’ll possibly make the other type of burritos later this month if I get a good price on salsa and tortillas.

I also took an inventory of some of my “can” items in the freezer such as beans and stock.  I need to make more refried beans, cream of chicken soup and cooked pinto beans.  I’d also like to make a pot or two of soup and freeze in “can” portions.  I’ve decided I want to get 2-cup containers.  My problem is that I want them all the same so they stack nicely in the freezer.  I looked on Amazon because I can use Swagbucks, but it’s pretty expensive to purchase single-size packs versus multi-size boxes.  I need to do more research but that is my plan for the rest of the month.
Did you have a successful July Freezer Cooking Daze?


  1. Anonymous says

    Just found your site- LOVE it! You have a great way of explaining things. I'm just getting started with freezer cooking.

  2. Rachel Gontz says

    Look at big lots or ollies (not sure whats in your area) they sometimes have individual containers that you can buy all the same size.

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