Kid Friendly Valentines Day Savings Tips

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Valentines Day Savings Tips

Valentines Day is here again.  Kids have a blast celebrating the Day of Love, but it can get expensive.  Save money while celebrating on February 14th to make the Holiday enjoyable for kids and parents alike!

Valentines Day Savings Tips:

1.  One of the best ways to save on Valentines Day is to shop in advance.  Purchase products after holiday sales & store them for later use.

  • Most schools allow children to exchange Valentines Day cards.  Purchase boxes of timeless cards (such as Disney Princesses or Race cars) to use the following year.   I have eight boxes of Valentines Day card boxes that I picked up for $0.10 each!
  • Look for lollipops & other individually wrapped candy after Halloween to distribute with Valentines or contribute to the class party.  Wait for prices to be reduced by 50% or more and stock up on candy that isn’t in holiday wrapping.
  • Pencils, Play-Doh, stickers & erasers are fun gifts to have on hand when you’re asked to contribute to goody bags.  In addition to purchasing these items after Valentines Day, Christmas stocking stuffer items such as eight-packs of mini Play-Doh, will put a smile on any kids face.

2.  Too late to shop ahead?  Have kids make their own Valentines Day cards.  Most kids enjoy creating art and it’s a quiet activity that could be done while younger children are napping or while you prepare dinner.

3. You can find great deals on items such as holiday tableware, gifts and cards by shopping at the Dollar Store.  Just remember that you need to shop early so that items don’t sell out.

4.  Sign up early to choose the items you want to bring to the class party.  You don’t want to get stuck with the last item on the list.  You’ll probably end up paying twice as much!

5.  Enjoy a “night in” with the kids instead of going out to eat.  Not only will you save money, you’ll also avoid overcrowded restaurants.  Try cooking a special dinner, having an indoor picnic or watching a family movie together.

You can save money while spending quality time with your children on Valentines Day.  Get creative and think ahead to make sure your child’s next Valentines Day celebration stays within the budget.  Now you can go spend your savings on your spouse :)

What are your ideas to save on Valentines Day with kids?


14 Days of Love starts tomorrow, February 1st!

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