Kroger: $1.99 General Mills Cereal – not part of Big Deal promo this week :*(



WOW! Make sure you load this Save $6.00 on Big G when you buy FOUR Big G Cereals coupon to your Kroger Card and head to your local Kroger to grab this deal fast:


Buy 20 Big G Cereals @ $3.49 = $69.80
Get: $20.00 off instantly with the Big Deal Promo = $49.80
Use:  $6.00 off 4 Kroger Digital Coupon (minus $30.00 – comes off 5 times)
Total: $19.80 for 20 Boxes ($1.99 each)

Some areas are reporting that their cereal is on sale for $2.49 – making this deal even better! But the ad I saw on Sunday says $3.49. Still not a bad way to stock up on back-to-school cereal.

Thanks, My Litter!

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  1. are there paper coupons you can stack with this?

  2. Is this only at certain Kroger location? My Kroger is saying they don’t have that sale?

    • Uggh. I just rechecked the Kroger flyer I referenced, and it was LAST weeks ad! This week General Mills is still $3.49 and you can use the $6/4 digital coupon, but its NOT part of the Big Deal promo. Sorry about that!

  3. Where is the Big Deal Promo coming from? I have read the ad and looked at the website….I have seen the digital coupon and sale price for cereal but no Big Deal Promo. I know Food Lion does a Big Deal Promo every once in a while where you get more $ off the more you buy, but I can’t find this anywhere for Kroger…?

  4. Keep in mind you have to buy the family sized boxes of cereal. The coupon doesn’t state that, but in order to get it to work, you need to.

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