Menu Plan Monday (01/24)

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I still haven’t found any fantastic deals on meat.  My MIL picked up ground beef from the commissary for us, so we’ll be eating more than chicken this week :-)

Meatloaf using seasoning mix from Wildtree (review & giveaway coming this week!)

Chicken Broccoli & Rice Casserole with corn bread

Broccoli & Cheese Soup with fresh bread


Beans & Rice (a first for my family)

Dinner with friends

TBD- dinner from the freezer


  1. says

    mmmm Looking forward to reading ow the beans and rice turn out.. (= … We LIVE on beans and rice.. lol. Must admit, that is one sure fired meal I KNOW my gremlins will ask for thirds.. bwahahahahahaha

  2. K says

    We’re from TX and love us some Mexican rice and beans! I serve the beans with dinner, then they are refried for bean and bacon breakfast tacos. There’s nothing wrong with her recipie for the rice, I just highly recommend you add those spices others had commented on (I personally use cumin, chili powder, and garlic powder.)

    As for the meat deals…I grabbed a couple of mark down packages at food lion. The pork and roasts were good deals, thought their chicken was still overpriced even on clearance. But I was more distracted by their shelf of clearance tortillas. .50 per package!!! Unheard of in this area…so I stocked up. The cashier had a good laugh and said we must love tortillas. Oh, you have no idea… :)

    • Dana says

      Thanks for the tip on extra spices. I am sooo jealous of your $0.50 tortillas! I might not have had the willpower to leave any for other shoppers :-)

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