Menu Plan Monday (02/21)

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Confession:  I ruined my turkey. 
Life took over and I didn’t end up with a good day to cook it last week.  I HAD to cook it Saturday but it wasn’t done before we went to my son’s cub scouts banquet & I had no idea how long we would be there.  My “solution” turn the oven down so it would finish cooking with out burning.  Nope, the middle didn’t cook & the outside was overcooked.  Lesson learned.

My weekend menu is up in the air as we are trying to determine our plans

Navy Bean Soup with homemade bread (recipe to follow if good)

Roast with Carrots, Potatoes & mushrooms in crockpot

Pasta made with ham from freezer


Baked Ziti from freezer



**I’m looking for good recipes to use with leftover ham if anyone has any ideas


  1. says

    sorry to hear about your turkey :(

    Recipes with leftover ham.. beans of course (in fact I am going to make lentils here sooner or later with leftover ham)
    ham salad (for sandwiches) like you would chicken salad or something, shred the ham.
    ham and eggs of course
    or even green eggs and ham lol.. fun for the kiddos.. (I usually put blue food coloring in scrambled eggs for that)
    or chop it up in a fritatta–really anything with eggs, omelets, or scrambled etc.

    When you find a good recipe let me know..

    Have a great week.

    • Dana says

      I haven’t tried the green eggs yet. I’m not sure if the kids would love it or be completely turned off. Maybe I could read the book and serve the green eggs and ham?

      I’m thinking of adding breakfast into my menu plan next week. I haven’t tried ham salad, I think hubby might like that


  2. says

    I like to throw left over ham in beans… (either for a bean soup, or rice n beans) also as a topping for home made pizza, cuban sandwiches, put in processor with some cheese and it’s a great spread… in a pasta salad… etc… I LOVE revamping my leftovers.. lol.. you can see some samples on my menu posts.. lol

  3. says

    Sorry about the turkey :(

    Ham….. Add the ham to mac-n-cheese.

    If you want it simple and easy, buy the Stouffer’s mac-n-cheese. Micro until it is thawed enough to mix. Add frozen broccoli. Micro until just about done. Add ham and micro until heated through. Sometime I put this in micro safe dish because adding all the extras makes the Stouffer’s container a little full. Good luck!

    Happy Tuesday! :)

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