Menu Plan Monday (03/28)

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It’s cold!  We had nice weather until the official first day of spring.  What happened?  I had visions of cooking on the grill and fresh salads.  All I can think of now is starting a fire! 

Kids having Chick fil A with daddy

Turkey Chili with crackers

Chicken, Broccoli & Rice Casserole

Soup – no idea what kind yet (ideas are welcome!)

Turkey Taco Skillet with chips (1st time making)

Dinner out for a b-day party

BBQ Pork in crockpot (recipe to follow) 

Freezer Meals:
Cooked black beans
BBQ Pork (eat Sunday, freeze remaining)
Chicken & Black Bean Burritos
Brown Bag burritos

Chewy Granola Bars not for freezer


  1. says

    Hey sweets! We are actually making soup too! Your right, it did a complete 360 when it comes to weather, one day it was beautiful, and the next felt so cold that it should have been snowing here!! LOL Anyhow, I would HIGHLY suggest ‘Hamburger Soup’ I make it every couple of weeks, but when I do make it, my family can eat it several days in a row, ITS SOOOOO GOOD!!!
    Let me know if youd like the recipe!! :0)

    • Dana says

      Now it’s cold and rainy! Yuck! I would LOVE the recipe for your Hamburger soup. Sounds like a soup my husband would actually eat!

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