My 2011 Financial Goals

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I posted my personal goals for 2011 yesterday, so today I wanted to mention our financial goals for the new year.  Thankfully, our only debit going into 2011 is our mortgage!  Our plans are to save more & enjoy life as a family. 

Financial Goals:

- Save for Disney: We’re planning a family trip to Disney in either June or November.  My mom was planning to take the kids, so she’s paying for them.  Yeah! 

- “Car payment”:  My explorer is only a 2004 with 80K miles, but we’ve had a LOT of problems with it.  We’re planning to add a car payment category to the budget sometime this year.  The money will go directly into savings, so we can pay cash (I hope) for a new vehicle.  Our hope is my truck will last at least 3 more years, though.

- Ski weekend in February

- Weekend trip to mountains this summer

- Increase retirement savings

- Increase monthly payment to the principle on our mortgage

- New dishwasher

- Paint & landscape outside

- Add to general savings account

- Kids & Derrick want a dog

- Remodel kitchen (gotta dream big right ;-) )

* Derrick wants new tires for his jeep.  Since that is not a necessity (tires are good for another year or 2) he better start working some overtime!

What are your financial goals for 2011?


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