My Family

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures since my little brother’s wedding in May.   We realized after the wedding that we forgot to take a picture of all of us together!  It would have been such a great picture!

Me and Derrick
Mommy and Monkeyboy

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  1. love your blog and beautiful family you have :) I am your newest follower from Surfin' Saturdays! Glad I found you :)

  2. What a beautiful family! Good job Mama!

  3. Such a beautiful family!

  4. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says:

    Thanks ladies!

  5. WoodElves says:

    you have such a gorgeous family! Love the kids' dark brown eyes.

  6. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says:

    Thanks-wish they got their daddy's green eyes though :)

  7. Lori….the wonderful Coupon Consultant who I am really going to miss sent me to you for the Farm Fresh match ups! So thankful that you do them! You have a lovely family too! :)

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