My Farm Fresh and CVS Shopping Trips (10/13)

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I was able to get the $10 CAT for the GM Promo and all my DND5 coupons doubled.  Still waiting to see what Farm Fresh will decide on the DND policy.  I also got a $3 CAT for purchasing 4 frosting’s.  Unfortunately, I was paying close attention to the screen for my other coupons and looked away for the last 2 Gain coupons.  They didn’t double.  Errr!  Should have watched more closely.
I’ll probably go back to “roll” my CAT then use it on items for my freezer cooking that will be happening soon.
2 Gain should have been FREE
4 Crest Toothpaste FREE
1 Mueller’s ruffels FREE
3 Cinnamon toast crunch (2) @ $0.70 each, (1) @ $0.90
1 Multigrain Cheerios $2 – $1/1 from unknown booklet FREE
4 BC Cake Mix and 4 BC Frosting (2 sets ) @ $0.50 each, (2 sets) @ $1 each
1 Bisquick $2.99- $0.75/1 from unknown booklet $1.49
2 Progresso Bread Crumbs $0.50 each
1 Yoplus Yogurt $0.50
2 Orgeta Refried Beans $1 each
1 M & M’s $1.50 (for Monkeyboys school)
Total Paid $13.58
Total Saved $24.20
Earn $13 in CAT’s
Welcome to my most expensive CVS trip ever!  I NEEDED toilet paper.  Thought I still had more stashed away.  Opps!
2 Charmin
1 Downy
1 Colgate
1 Candy Corn
– $1/1 Charmin
– $0.25/1 Charmin
– $1/1 Downy
– $0.75/1 colgate
– $0.99 Brach’s CVS coupon (printed at scanner)
– $0.50 CVS coupon (printed at scanner)
-$17 ECB’s from previous weeks
Total Paid $9.49 (yikes)
Total Saved $34.61
Earned $12.99 ECB’s
How did you do?


  1. WoodElves says

    I have a question, what made you decide to do the Farm Fresh promo rather than the Harris Teeter promo today? Thanks :)

  2. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Mainly because I don't shop at Harris Teeter every week. Depends on sales and time. I didn't want to risk a run to the store simply to use my CATS.

    It IS more money back which makes it a great deal.

    Also, watch the B1G1 deals. You can only use 1 coupon so it could affect your OOP. Finally, my kids LOVE cinnamon toast cruch and that's not part of the promo at HT.

    Let me know if you do the deal :)

  3. WoodElves says

    Thanks! I haven't decided yet, I really don't need anything this week but if I can make it a decent sized moneymaker, I think I'll go to HT, and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

  4. Amber says

    Dana, how did your CAT come out? I did the back page deal and got two $5 ones dated for the same date. I'm not sure if I hit the $25 after coupons or not so I dont know if that was the advertised $10 or some surprise ones. Because I also got an extra $1 CAT from General Mills, but I dont know what for… any thoughts?

  5. WoodElves says

    Ok, at the Harris Teeter on Indian River, my catalina didn't print but I thought maybe I had come in just under $20 so when the manager came over, I said I wouldn't mind going to get another item. She said that the total had to be AFTER coupons, that the sale paper may not say it but it didn't matter bc they had received an email saying it had to be after coupons. Since it was all going to be free after CAT anyway, we just got some more items to bring it up to $20 after CAT. but – it's a bummer and I'm pretty sure that other HTs would have let me do it.

    We got:
    5 boxes Totino's Pizza rolls
    3 Pillsbury Grands
    3 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
    4 boxes General Mills cereal
    1 Good Earth dinner kit
    1 Macaroni Grill dinner kit
    1 carton College Inn chicken broth

    Total $22.46 after coupons, received $20 in CATs

    Also stopped by Farm Fresh for 2 cartons of Campbell's V8 soup for a total of $1.41 (total before coupons $5.50, who would pay that much for two little cartons of soup!?!? I can get a bowl of it at a restaurant for that much)

    I now have 17 boxes of cereal. My name is Heather and I'm addicted to couponing. Someone get me help!

  6. Ann T. says

    I did the back page twice and also got a $1 catalina – I remembered you telling me about the $3 catalina from the icing but I couldn't work it into one transaction because my coupons wouldn't have doubled. I got one $1 from each transaction and the only thing I did the same in both transactions was the icing so I think I got it from that.

    My coupons for the Gain didn't double either :(

  7. carsmall says

    I was wondering about that too…How did you get the Betty Crocker coupons to double for the 4 cake mixes & icing if you had more than 2 of the same type of item? I thought FF only doubles up to two of same item….was it different flavors? thx

  8. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    WoodElves: Other stores probably would have let you do it. They should have posted a notice at the door. Still a great trip after you factor in all your CATs!

    My name is Dana and I'm addicted to couponing. You don't need help :) Althought there are only 2 of you over there right? Maybe you do need help… JK 😉

    Ann T. Stupid Gain coupons, I would have used it on the smaller bottles for free.

    Carsmall: Ok, yes 2 like item coupons doubled per transaction. I shopped on the possibility that my DND coupons wouldn't be doubled at all. I haven't had the issue in 2 weeks, but I needed to prepare myself for the possibility. The rule isn't consistant and they don't seem to know what they're going to do yet.

    My biggest concern was the CAT priniting on the BEFORE coupon total. I needed most of the items I was getting anyways. Kids wanted "kid" cereal, needed bisquick and cake mix for holiday baking, my bread crumbs were almost gone, etc.

    I did have different varities for the cake mix and frosting. That may be why the system allowed it. I also had different coupons, 2 $0.75/2 from GM insert and 2 $0.50/2 from betty crocker site. I did have the 2 $0.75 off on the top of my coupon pile, so I knew those should double. My math was if the 2 $0.75 doubled and the $0.50 didn't; I would still be paying $1 for all 8 items after the $3 CAT. Since they did double it was $0 after the CAT.

    I also had 2 $0.65 off cinnamon toast crunch and 1 $0.55 off. All the same though so it could be the difference in the 2 coupon values.

    I'm not sure I'm making since. It's just items I needed and I worked the deals around that. Although since the 2 gain didn't double, it was kind of a wash. Karma got me even though I wasn't intending for the system to double the other Q's.

  9. Anonymous says

    My Farm Fresh trip yesterday was done in two transactions:
    1st transaction
    2-Chex Mix – .69 each
    2-Cheerios – .90 each
    2-Betty Crocker Cake Mixes – .25 each
    2-Betty Crocker Frosting – .25 each
    3-Hamburger Helpers – .50 each
    2-Betty Crocker Muffin Mixes – 1.00 each
    2-Green Giant Box Vegtables – free
    2-Pillsbury Sweet Moments – .50 each
    Total before coupons $25.38, total after $8.68, plus received 2-$5.00 cats, and 1-$1.00 cat

    2nd transaction:
    2-Febreeze – .50 each
    2-Country Crock sides – 1.00 each
    1-Gain Dish detergent – free
    3-Green Giant box vegtables – .60 each
    1-Cover Girl Eye Shadow – .45 each
    4-Colgate Wisp Brush – .99 each
    1-Grigo string cheese – .99 each
    2-Yakisoba Noodles – free
    1-Richfood beef bouillon – no coupon, just needed
    1-Ham seasoning – no coupon, bought because haven't been able to find it anywhere.
    Total before coupons $36.96, total after with 2-$5.00 cats – $5.98, plus still have $1-cat

    Total between both transaction – $62.34, total after coupons and cats – $14.66, savings of 76%

  10. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Awesome shopping! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad your gain coupon doubled. I need to use my Yokisoba coupons when I go back to the store.

  11. WoodElves says

    I forgot, I also got 2 YoPlus Yogurts in that total.

    Yes, there's only 2 of us, and I actually let my husband get a box of Cookie Crisp bc it was part of the deal! I'm sending him to his grave!

  12. Cheryl says

    Great shops!! I hate it when a staple in my stockpile gets just about gone–once I find a fantastic deal on something I am not satisfied with a great one and then I miss saving what I can. I would like to invite you to link up your CVS shopping trips each week at Simply CVS.

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