My Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter Trips (Linky)

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Farm Fresh
I first have to tell you that I ran out of the house without my coupon binder!  There it was, sitting right by the door!  I had the coupons I was planning to use in my purse but no extras.  The chex mix bars at my store weren’t the same size, so they didn’t qualify for the GM promotion (I miss read Julie’s comment as I was running around-big opps!) I was given the $5 in cash, but the price was $2.99 each instead of $2.  I overspent by $2.97.  Then, I get home and 1 of the boxes wasn’t in my bag.  Ahh! 
See my matchups HERE
Transaction 1
Bananas $0.62
3 Chex Mix Bars = $5.97 errr!!!
2 Chex Mix = Free

2 NV Nut Clusters = $1 each

1 Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks = Free
3 Sweet Moments = Free
2 Natures Own = $0.24 each
2 Miracle Whip $2.99 – $1/1 printable (about the expire) = $0.99 each
2 Kikkoman $2.39 – $1/1 printable = $0.39 each
2 Bix Pens $1 – $1/2 printable = Free (Thanks, Jennifer!)
Total Spent: $10.50 (paid too much)
Total Saved: $33.50
Earned $0.75 CAT for Kikkoman
Transaction 2
2 NV Nut Clusters =  $1 each
2 NV Bars = $1 each
2 Green giant corn = $0.39 each (couldn’t buy more chex mix)
2 Sweet Moments = Free
2 Yoplait Simply Go-Gurt = $0.50 each
Used $0.75 CAT from transaction 1
Total Spent: $1.36
Total Saved: $19.60
Earned $2.50 CAT for Nature Valley (yeah!!)
General Mills Catalina Offer:
Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars (6.7 oz or larger) or any Flavor/Variety Fiber One Chewy Bars between 08/09-09/05
Buy 3, Get $1.50 Back
Buy 4, Get $2.50 Back
Buy 5, Get $3.50 Back
(must include nut clusters because it printed for me)

Harris Teeter
I REALLY wanted the peter pan peanut butter, but it was sold out!  Update:  According to Stace, there is a display near the register on aisle 3 or 4 of Peter Pan!  A few of the other items I wanted were also gone, and I didn’t have my binder!  I noticed the milk sale, so this is what I did:

See my matchups HERE

2 milk = $2.79 each!!!!
Utz tortillas = $2
Grapes = $2.77
2 Seventh Generation Spray = $0.50 each
1 Pure protein bar = Free
1 Hartz cat Treats = Free
1 Activia = Free
2 Yo Crunch = Free
Used $10 CAT from last week

Total Spent: $1.94
Total Saved $38.92

Today’s Totals:
Total Before coupons $105.82
Total Spent after coupons $13.80
Total Catalina’s still have $2.50

Please feel free to link up your shopping trips or leave a comment.  I love to know what else I need to buy!


  1. Stace says

    wait! NO way HT was sold out of PB. Did you see my comment/post? There is a massively HUGE display by the registers at hanbury. I don't see how it would sell out in a few hours. The bread area was low at 8am but the registers was untouched and I mean hundreds of jars were there :( Also, how did you get the catalina for NV at FF? I bought three boxes. did I have to buy four to qualify?

  2. Jen says

    Dana I went to the HT at Greenbrier (it just happened to be closer the library) and they had a ton of Peter Pan PB on an endcap near the front of the store.

  3. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Thanks for letting me know about the peanut butter! I'm happy now that I can get some tomorrow! I had the kids and they were being pains, so I must have walked right by it.

    I added the details for the CAT in the post. Not sure why you didn't get 1 :(

  4. WoodElves says

    For some reason, I'm just not really excited about the super doubles deals this time. Is it just me? I think I'm ready for triples again or something. I'll go, but I don't think I'll be disappointed if they're out of anything – except I do want the PB&J.

  5. Jennifer says

    Farm Fresh has the 4 pack of the Snack Pack pudding on sale also for $1. Theres also a $1/4 coupon from the Smartsource insert. $2/4 if you go today or $3/4 for the rest of the week.

  6. Laura says

    I got $50.35 worth of groceries for $8.99. That's an 82% savings!! :) I noticed some of the Yo Plus yogurts had $0.55 coupons on them — those coupons were better than the $0.50 coupons I had AND provided a way to use more coupons towards yogurt (without getting hung up on the 2 "like" coupons rule).

  7. spamaccount1975 says

    I was just not excited about FF ad this week so I didnt even go! I think I stocked up alot on those poptarts and Kellogg's cereal catalina that if I get anymore cereal/snacks, I'll be overstocked.

    But I did make it to HT. I went at 7am before I headed into work. Only used 11 coupons. They were still pricing items so I didn't get some items I wanted to get (I didn't want to chance it ringing up wrong, plus I only had 30 minutes to get my things and go back home first).

    But I did go back again and get the other things after work. Only thing I didn't get was the ziplock containers. The shelf was empty. Not sure if they were located elsewhere.

    Thanks Dana for the matchups!

  8. Rochelle says

    This is my first doubles shopping trip. I'm fairly new to couponing but I think I made out pretty good. You ladies astound me with how much you save! I will get there one day. I spent $84 and saved $72. I also wasn't able to get the ziplock containers, gonna try to go back for those.

  9. Stace says

    I went back today–still no guac. I did get hot dogs, hair gel (I got my parent's regional coupons), and more lysol wipes as well as 7th generation wipes for 50 cents. and free danimals. then I di dthe morning star deal. for my our oldest-the vegetarian. I bought 10 boxes (5 bacon and 5 chicken nuggets), used 5 $1 off two coupons to pay about $23 OOP and I got $10 back. only I went to a bum register. it did't print. manager explained the register hasn't done any catalinas today as it should so for trans #2, they just subjected $10 :) works for me! I didn't post about it but there ya go.not a bad day. I want my guac though darn it 😉

  10. Stace says

    Ann, thank you SO much for posting this. I can get the deli slices for free OR their "fake" hot dogs for my veggie daughter for 99 cents. Awesome :) Thank you!

  11. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    WOW! Great trips everyone! Thanks for much for sharing!

    I got a lot of great tips this week too-love it!

  12. Meghan says

    My Farm Fresh Market (Ghent in Norfolk) had Lance cracker snack packs 2/$4; on Wednesday I used a $1/1 to get a box of 8 snack packs for free. FYI in case they continue the sale next week. I also used a $1/1 to get a bottle of Ocean Spray blueberry juice for $0.50 (they were 2/$5). I also used a $1/1 on Reynolds foil to get a box for $0.50.

    My Harris Teeter (also in Ghent) didn't have the Garnier Fructis stuff marked down (they were $3.75), and the guac they had was a big package for $3.99 (I paid $0.99 after using a $1.50/1 coupon…..not too bad). They did have boxes of 100 Ziploc sandwich bags at 2/$5, so I used the 2 $1.50/2 to get 4 boxes for $4…..$1/each, which isn't bad and we're stocked up on bags for school lunches for a while!

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