My Farm Fresh & Harris Teeter Shopping Trips 04/11

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Today was not a good day for shopping.  Well, it was but I was way off my game.  I wasn’t thinking and bought the pop tarts at Harris Teeter instead of Farm Fresh (BIG mistake).  THEN I didn’t find my 2nd Gold Peak Tea coupon until I came home from shopping.  I figure my carelessness cost me about $2.50 today.  On the plus side, my husband has a ton of drinks for work now.  We also refill the empty Powerade bottles, so that should last us awhile.

I just have a picture of my shopping bags from Farm Fresh.  Most of my purchases were staying in the garage, so I didn’t want to unload them onto the table then have to carry everything back to the garage fridge.

1 Gold Peak Tea = FREE
9 Powerade = $9
10 Fuze = FREE
2 Simply Orange Juice = $2
2 Hanover Pretzel = $1
2 Trident Gum = FREE
2 belVita = $1.98
Mushrooms = $1

Total Paid: $15.35
Total Saved: $25

I already mentioned my mistake at Harris Teeter today.  So sad.

2 Cheerios = $0.45
2 Trix = $1.89
Ball Park Hot Dogs = Meal Deal $5.99 – $0.55 Q = $4.89
Hot Dog Buns = MD
Cape Code Chips = MD
Sprite 2L = MD
2 Maxwell House Coffee = $3.54
3 Pop tarts = $5.41
4 Capri Sun = $6.88
2 Vanilla Extra = 1 free & 1 $0.97 (used Rain Check)
1 Pepperidge Farm Raisin Bread= $1.34
8 Yoplait Cups = $2.80
6 Birds Eye Steamfresh = $3
– $0.50 eVIC coupon for Trix
– $0.50 eVIC coupon for vanilla
-$0.40 eVIC coupon for Yoplait

Total Paid: $29.79
Total Saved: $58.10

How did you do?


  1. Mary says

    Looks like you did great but I hate getting mixed up too. Wish I had a Harris Teeter close to me, but I love my Farm Fresh. Even with bringing my 3 sons I ended up saving 51%. From $81 to $39 dollars. I was able to teach the boys about grocery shopping and saving money. They were so excited.

    • Dana says

      That’s a great lesson for kids to start learning early. Mine have learned to say “mom, when you get a coupon we want…” :)

      That was a great savings!

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