My Farm Fresh Shopping Trip (02/23)

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I decided to pop into Farm Fresh to get strawberries & cheese.  Most of the deals this week weren’t items I needed or wanted.  It was a very exciting trip as you can see!   I only used 5 coupons including a store coupon.  Other than possibly milk later this week & grapes from HT.  I’m done shopping.

Strawberries $2.49
1 Cheese Nips $1.89
1 Richfood Block Cheese $2.19
2 Sargento Cheese $2
1 Mission Tortilla Chips $2.79 – $1/1 peelie = $0.79
1 1/2 gal milk $2.19 – $0.50 store peelie = $1.69
2 Reach Floss FREE

Total Paid: $10.63
Total Saved: $8.50

How did you do?


  1. K says

    Well after HT, Target’s freezer deal, and Petsmart’s free dog food…my FF trip is not nearly as impressive, lol.

    I did the cereal deal. $5 for 4 boxes, plus got my free milk cat for next week. The coffee mate had $1 hang tags, so the original flavor was only 9c after that. The rest was lunchmeat, milk, and soda.

    Got my prize in the mail today! Thanks so much!

    • Dana says

      I still haven’t got to Target yet. Maybe Friday but there probably won’t be anything left. Wish I had see the hangtags! Creamer for $0.09 is great!

      Glad you got your prize! Enjoy!

  2. K says

    I thought the same since I went on Tue. But they were restocking while I was in the store and everything was pretty much full. Hopefully yours will be the same.

    Check out the household section while you are there. Lots of stuff on clearance (at my store anyway) you likely have coupons for. Got some Tide and Cascade for pennies.

    • Dana says

      You got lucky and hit restocking time! Guess I ran in too early. I didn’t see clearance household items at my store. Maybe they were all sold out already. Hopefully others can take advantage at their stores


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