My Farm Fresh Shopping Trip 07/11

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It felt great to get back into coupon shopping this week. I’d taken a short break with vacation, 4th of July Holiday & just having better things to do than shop :)

I intended to do a separate transaction with my milk, snackwells and BelVita to pay less OOP, but the store was busy and I didn’t feel like wasting the time to get back in line. I’ll always use it next week!

I’ll stop by Harris Teeter tomorrow for a few of the sale items such as Yoplait Yogurt & Tetley Tea.  I purchased 1 yoplait at Farm Fresh even though it’s cheaper at HT this week.  I ran out yesterday and needed my breakfast.  That yogurt lasted less than 2 seconds after I snapped the picture!

Get your Farm Fresh Matchups here

2 lunchables with drink reduced peelie $4
1 Milk 2.78 – $1/1 reduced peelie = $1.78
1 Yoplait Yogurt $0.89 – $0.25 reduced peelie = $0.64
Strawberries $1.99
2 Eggs $1.98
1 Goldfish = $1.19
1 Capri Sun V Fruit $3.49 – $1/1 06/17 SS = $1.49
2 Castleberry $0.99 ea. – $1/2 old printable = FREE
2 Emerald on the go $1 (plus earned CAT)
1 Belvita $2.99 – $1/1 old printable = $0.99
1 Snackwells $2.99 – $1/1 old printable = $0.99 (plus earned CAT)
2 Milkbone Trail Mix $2 (plus earned CAT)
3 Juicy Juice = $5.50 (plus earned CAT)
3 Kellogg’s cereal $8 – (1) $1/2 and (1) $0.70/1 = $4.60 (plus earned CAT) *higher than goal price*
2 Quaker Oatmeal $3
1 Quaker Bars $0.50
1 Quaker Squares Cereal $2.50 – $1/1 old product package = $0.50 (plus earned CAT and FREE Milk CAT)

Total Paid $33.36
Total Saved $29.85
Earned $8 in CAT’s plus FREE Milk

How did you do?


  1. mindy says

    there’s a edy’s fruit bar $1/1 on their face book making them $0.50 per box. My children & I got 6 boxes of emeral breakfast to go, 6 boxes of edy’s fruit bars, 2 bottles of heinz vinegar, and 2 lbs of cherries for $4 + tax. We did the emeral breakfast to go first then use the catalina coupons to pay for the second transaction.

  2. Amber says

    Did you have any problems with the quaker coupons scanning or doubling? I thought they looked weird when I printed them (aside from the new barcodes)….

    • Dana says

      Not a problem using them. They do look a bit different and I hope they eventually change systems. Some stores are not allowing doubles on the coupons since they state “do not duplicate” but to me that wording is not to print multiple copy’s.

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