My Farm Fresh, Target & Rite Aid Shopping Trips 08/01

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I have 3 shopping trips to share with you all today.  This is my Farm Fresh cart, but I had to exchange a Pepsi for a Dr. Pepper since I didn’t realize that was part of the promotion.

Total Paid: $25.07
Total Saved: $26.45
Earned $10 CAT’s ($5 for Kellogg’s & $5 for Powerade)

Mt. Pleasant didn’t have the Purell, so I went to Battlefield S.  They had Purell Bonus packs! I paid $0.66 for 2 Purell 10 oz (with 2 little bonus bottles)!

I also went to Rite Aid yesterday to score Moneymaker toothbrushes after coupons and +UP Rewards:

2 Reach Toothbrushes (limit 2) FREE after stacked coupons
2 Crest Complete Toothbrushes $3 each – $1 from RA Oral health coupon booklet = $2 OOP each, earned $3 +UP each

Total Paid: $4.50
Total Saved: $7.49
Earned $6 +UP

I made a quick trip to Target for a few school supplies as well.  I used 3 RoseArt coupons and 2 PaperMate coupons for my trip.

3 Glue Sticks FREE
3 Glue Bottles $0.02
2 Colored Pencils $0.04
1 Paint $1
2 PaperMate Pens FREE
– $0.05 for bag

Total Paid: $0.95
Total Saved: $5.94

How did you do?


  1. Lisa says

    I just started reading your blog and following you on twitter couple days ago. I actually went on my first couponing trip to Farm Fresh this morning. I made 3 transactions. The first one, I purchased 5 cereals, Oscar Mayer bacon, lunch meat, hot dogs, lunchable, clausen pickles, suave body wash, purell, 2 chips ahoy, & charmin 12-pack. My total was $54.39 minus $13.50 in coupons & $5.00 store promo. I also received $6.00 worth of Farm Fresh coupons.
    The second transaction was actually an Internet order that I picked up this morning. I purchased Downy fabric softener, 2 Hanover soft pretzels, 2 Garnier Fructis & 2 Glad clung wraps. My total was $23.03 minus $7.00 farm fresh coupons & $9.50 in manufacturers coupons. Grand Total of $6.53! And on top of that I received $3.00 worth of Farm Fresh coupons.
    I actually had to go to a different Farm Fresh for the third transaction because they didn’t have the dog food I needed. This time I purchased 16-lb Pedigree (no coupon for this one but it was on sale for $9.51) & Listerine Smart Rinse. Total was $14.70 minus $2.00 in manufacturer’s coupon & &6.00 in Farm Fresh coupons. This brought my grand total to $6.48!

    I just want to say Thank You for all the time and effort you spend in keeping us updated in money saving ideas. I am now addicted! LOL

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