My Goal Price: Meat

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Here is a list of meat prices that I had hanging on my fridge.  These are what I’ve paid over the past 6 months or so for meat.  I try to stick with these prices and really stock up if the price is lower.  I won’t spend over these prices unless I am desperate.

93% Lean Ground Beef
$2.02 lb
$1.84 lb

Butterball Ground Turkey
1.99 lb (package is 1 lb)

Perdue Whole Roaster Chicken
$0.98 lb (avg good sale)
$0.77 lb

Store Brand Whole Chicken (chickens usually smaller)
$0.59 lb
$0.49 lb

Perdue Chicken Thighs
$2.08 lb

Perdue Boneless Chicken Breast
$2.99 lb
$2.59 lb

Perdue Split Breast Chicken
$1.10 lb

Store Brand Split Breast Chicken
$0.77 lb
$0.47 lb

Perdue Chicken Winglet’s
$1.82 lb

Beef Chuck Roast
$2.06 lb

Pork Tenderloin
$2.97lb (Sam’s Club)

London Broil
$5.25 lb (BOGO at HT)

$3.99 lb
$2.99 lb

I prefer Perdue chicken, but store brands are usually cheaper.
I like B1G2 sales for Perdue chicken
Harris Teeter usually has good BOGO sales for other beef plus good meat markdowns.

This week:
Kroger Whole Chicken $0.59 lb
Perdue Whole Chicken at Farm Fresh $0.88lb (I bought 1)
Pork Loin Roast at Farm Fresh $1.88 lb (I think it may be good deal, will look at this weekend)
London Broil BOGO at Harris Teeter
Tilapia $3.99 lb at Harris Teeter

What price won’t you pay over? Other meats I don’t have listed?


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