My Harris Teeter & Farm Fresh $2 Doubles Shopping Trips 06/20

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I shopped at both Harris Teeter Super Doubles and Farm Fresh Mega Doubles this morning.  Neither store had a ton of items I wanted,  but I did manage to get a few good deals.

Harris Teeter:

Everything is on the matchups except the Stonyfield Yogurt.  Sign up for a $2/3 coupon to get 3 FREE yogurts.

Total Paid: $11.18
Total Saved: $51.97

Farm Fresh:

Everything is on the matchups except the 4 FREE Castleberry, turkey from the deli and $0.49 Aquafresh kids toothpaste using the coupon from the 04/15 RP insert.

Total Paid: $20.43 ($10 was drinks)
Total Saved: $39.40

*Sorry the pictures are terrible.  They looked good on the camera but awful once I downloaded them.

How did you do?


  1. MELISSA says

    I did GREAT at Harris Teeter this morning! Total paid $37.23 Total saved $82.33. I won’t be able to hit Farm Fresh until tonight so I hope the shelves aren’t bare. :o)

  2. Stacey says

    I was really happy overall. the ivory soap was out at FF and the magnum ice cream coup I had was for minis so it wouldn’t work but I got two eggs, loaf of bread, hamburger rolls, two trix cereals, four cheerios, 4 salsas, two baby rays, a1 steak sauce, two oreos, one kraft sizzle salad thingie, smithfield bacon, kraft mayo 30oz, two yosicles , two nexcare bandaids and two venus razor packs for $19 before tax. I was in shock. I had a NJ coupon for baby ray’s so it was two free. and then the sizzle salad had a peelie for $1 off so that was overage. it all worked out really well. HT I did the soda deal and used the coupons i mentioned in the comment section of HT, fig newtons, applesauce, pebbles and hair dye..paid only $16. so yeah I was happy :) and glad I got it all done today so I can just enjoy the rest of the week without running back out. I was pretty impressed that it was quiet when I went this AM and the stock are decent. thanks for all your hard work, lady! hope you had fun in NY!

  3. Jessie D says

    I had a good trip despite all the grumbles my kids gave me this morning for them having to go now that they are on summer vacay. I did get 2 boxes of Yosicles & Pet ice cream for them. Other really good deals I got were Kraft mayo, A-1 , Gatorade, Snapple, Softsoap handsoap, & Aleve. I was only disappointed that my store was sold out of Capri Sun Super V (got a rain check) and doesn’t carry L’Oreal face makeup that’s on sale. I will try ONE other store tomorrow, then give up on trying to use the $2 coupon for now!

  4. Kathy B says

    I am a relatively new couponer–especially at Harris Teeter. I went today–coupons in hand– and did well. However, I was a bit disappointed when I had 2 internet coupons that wouldn’t scan and the cashier said – since it doesn’t scan – we can take it. It was for Butterball turkey burgers andOceanspray fruit snacks. Needless to say–I was not happy. Has anyone else had this to happen? Do I have any recourse?? My daughter is going back to HT on Sunday and says she will carry my receipt and my coupons to customer service.

  5. Dana says

    You all did great! Kathy: if the coupon doesn’t scan, it’s at the managers discretion. I’ve never had them not just manually enter the coupon though. Sometimes just trying the hand scanner seems to work just fine.

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