My Harris Teeter & Farm Fresh Trips (03/23)

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I’m back from my whirlwind shopping experience!  I ran to Harris Teeter as soon as I dropped LuLu off at school.  Unfortunately, most of the freebies were with coupons that I had used previously, but I still had a good trip.  Sorry, the Ortega got left off the matchups!  This is a lot for a first trip, but I picked up trash bags, baggies, coffee and milk.  Additionally, a couple of the coupons I was planning to use at HT, I used at FF.

Thanks to Ann for the heads up to search for Hefty peelies!!

Get your Harris Teeter matchups for the sale ad here and regular price here

4 Ortega Seasoning Mix $0.99 – $1/1 printable = FREE
2 Maruchan = FREE
2 Smart Balance Milk = $2 (I used printable)
2 Hefty Trash bags $3.97 evic – $1/1 peelie = $3.94
2 Hefty One Zip $2.55 (needed)
2 Folgers = $1.94 (always need :-) )
1 Pillsbury Easy Frost $0.50
1 Tresemme = $0.50
2 Tony’s pizza = $0.34
2 Danactive = FREE
2 Bailey’s creamer = FREE
2 Kahiki = $0.38

Total Paid $12.91
Total Saved $63.18

I was especially pleased with Farm Fresh today.  I got a TON of freebies!  I’m not sure what’s going on with the Nabisco Facebook coupons.  The Wheat Thins were there last night and now the Triscuit won’t load.  Hopefully you printed them from the HT list on Sunday!  If you have the coupons, the Wheat Thins Stix are also part of the Instant Savings promo!  Watch the Cinnamon and Chipolte variety.  They aren’t ringing up right and will need to be adjusted. 

I’ll have happy kids later!  Does pairing the yogurt with the post treats make them any healthier?  We’ll pretend yes.

Get your Farm Fresh matchups here

Transaction 1
1 Milk =$3.83
2 Triscuit = FREE
2 Wheat Thins = FREE
2 Wheat Thins stix = FREE
1 Oreo (used Facebook $1 off Nabisco wyb milk) =FREE
1 Green Giant spinach =FREE
1 Kraft Shredded Cheese =$1.99
2 Powerade = $1
2 Post Cereal treats $1.79 – $0.75/1 from 03/13 SS insert = $0.58
2 Mission Tortilla chips $2.79 – $1/1 peelie = $1.58
Reduced Chicken =$1.81
Reduced Chicken =$1.80
Paid $15.15
Saved $25

Transaction 2
2 Triscuit = FREE
2 Wheat Thins = FREE
2 Wheat Thins stix = FREE
2 coolosion = FREE
1 Activia $2 – $1/1 store reduced coupon & $1/1 coupon from unknown location = FREE
1 Powerade = $0.50
Paid $0.19
Saved $21.97
100% savings – paid tax

Now that’s my kind of shopping 😉

Total Paid $15.34
Total Saved $46.97

How did you do??


  1. KELLY says

    Hi Dana-

    Where are you getting the Mission peelies? I see you get those chips all the time and I don’t ever see the peelies on the bags….


  2. Jessica Peterson says

    Kelly, it’s because there are people that stand there and take all of the peelies off. I saw a lady at my FF doing it last week, FRUSTRATING.

    • says

      Not fair. That was happening with flour a while back too.

      I was able to get 2 more peelies not on bags today. They were on the shelves (all bags had them, so I didn’t take them off :-) ) I’m guessing the peelie fairy had extra. I took 2 and left the other 2.

  3. Stacey says

    Oh man I wish I had gotten all the nabisco crackers :( Bummer but happy for you! Want to take a guess at how many yogurts I got for free today? lol

  4. Renee Propster Caffee says

    I want to thank you very much for this wonderful website. I am a new couponer and today was my first trip to the store with my new coupon binder (although it pails in comparison to some of the ladies I saw today). I went to Harris Teeter and amazed my husband with a purchase of $26.74 and coupon savings of $56.65!! I actually sent him a photo of all the groceries I got.

    I also wanted to send out a thanks to the two nice ladies who gave me their extra Crest coupons…I got 2 Crest Wild Expressions Toothpastes for $0.19 (unadvertised clearance price and 2 $1 coupons).

    Thanks again for all you do!

    • says

      You’re very welcome! I’m so glad to learn you had a successful first shopping trip! My hubby used to be impressed to. I’d love to either show him a photo and walk him around to my stockpiles so he would see.

      It’s great that other ladies were able to share your share their coupons, so you were able to get more cheap toothpaste. I love finding clearance items to matchup with a coupon!

      If you’d like, you can send me your photo to post or post on the fb page.

  5. bernie says

    Harris Teeter is also running 2 catalinas. One is for McCormick spices. Buy 2 and get $1.50 catalina, buy 3 and get a $2.50 catalina. The other is when you buy 3 Kelloggs’s cereals you get a $3.99 catalina for free milk, any kind, any brand. This week’s RP has 2 coupons for Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal. Use them both and get 3 boxes for $2.60 and you’ll get your catalina for free milk.


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