November Grocery Tally

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My savings rate is pitiful this month.  I like to see it between 70-75% or more.  I know I’ve purchased a lot of items without coupons for the holidays & kids.  That trend seems to be continuing into December.  Oh, well.  I’m still under budget for the month.  Also, Derrick bought a 1987 jeep wrangler (he didn’t have a personal vehicle), so I dropped our grocery budget to $280 from $300 to accommodate the additional insurance cost. 

Total Shelf Cost:    $ 568.94     Monthly Budget:  $         280.00
Total Coupon Savings:  $ 276.55     Variance:    $           52.42
Total Savings:    $ 341.36          
Amount Paid (after rebates):  $ 227.58     Rebates Owed:  $           10.98
Savings Rate:   60.00%     Amount Paid (exc. Rebates)  $         238.56


I just copied everything directly from the savings tracker this month.  See more about my families spending habits here.

My weekly average was $59.64 (not too bad)

How did you do in November?


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