15 Other Uses for Cat Litter

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other uses for cat litter

Ever wonder if there are other uses for cat litter than just a place for your furry friend to potty?  The bentonite clay in cat litter makes it a fantastic absorbent.  I’ve put together a list of some of the more practical other uses for cat litter.

15 Other Uses for Cat Litter:

  1. If you have fresh oil or grease stains in your driveway, sprinkle cat litter on it and allow to absorb.  Then sweep up the litter and dispose of it like oil.  You may need to repeat the process.
  2. Cat litter also works well for cleaning up stilled paint or graffiti. Pour cat litter directly over the paint, let it absorb then sweep up. I read that a 10 lb bag can clean up a gallon of paint!  Make sure you don’t add water first, though.
  3. Use cat litter in ashtrays to reduce odor.
  4. Dry flowers using cat litter. Place freshly cut flowers in a tray of cat litter then cover with more litter. Allow to sit in a dark space for about 7 days.
  5. Moles don’t like the smell of cat litter. Pour a bit down their hole to scare them away.
  6. Do you live where it gets icy in winter? Keep a bag of kitty litter in the trunk. If you’re stuck in the snow or your tires are spinning on ice, you can put cat litter around your tires to help gain traction and get your moving again.
  7. You can also sprinkle a bit of cat litter just outside of your car door to avoid slipping when getting out of your vehicle.
  8. Got a musty smelling closet? Put a shallow box of cat litter to absorb the smell.
  9. If you notice your sleeping bags or tent get musty smelling from storage, put some cat litter in a old sock or pantyhose and tie the end.  It will help with the odor, so it’s not so stinky before hour next trip.  You can make something similar to this homemade sachet, just using cat litter as the filler.
  10. Just like in a sleeping bag, tie cat litter in a sock and stick it inside smelly shoes. The odor will get absorbed into the cat litter.
  11. If you have musty or smoky smelling books you can use cat litter to help them smell fresh again.  Place some cat litter in the bottom of a container, place the books on top then close the lid.  Remove the books after a day or two.
  12. Keep your trash can from being stinky by putting some cat litter in the bottom. Change it about once per week when it gets damp. This is bit messy in my opinion, I’d prefer a dryer sheet.
  13. This is one that I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try, but cat litter can be used as a face mask. It is clay after all!  Make sure to use all natural, scent free, 100% clay cat litter. Mix 3 Tbsp of cat litter with 3 Tbsp of water in a mortar.  Apply to face and wash off after it dries.
  14. Add a layer of cat litter to the bottom of your grill to catch grease and fires.
  15. Don’t have baking soda to use as a fridge deodorizer?  Use cat litter in a small container to get rid of unwanted odors.

Please note that all these uses are for CLEAN cat litter.  I figured this was pretty obvious but as little extra note always helps :)  For best results, make sure you’re using an unscented clay litter.

What other uses for cat litter can you suggest?

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