15 Other Uses for Shaving Cream

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Other Uses for Shaving Cream
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Do you have a nice stockpile of shaving cream that’s just screaming to be used? Take a look at these great other uses for shaving cream that have nothing to do with a razor!

Other Uses for Shaving Cream:

  1. Let kids have some fun and make a table sparkle by wiping it down with shaving. Have kids use their hands to play in the shaving cream then you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth. This is great for classrooms or to clean your glass patio table.  If playing outside, simply rinse off with a hose when finished.  You could use food coloring for added fun, but I prefer to keep it simple by just using the shaving cream.
  2. Tired of getting out of the shower to find your mirror fogged up?  Rub some shaving cream over your mirror’s surface then wipe with a dry cloth- problem solved!
  3. The same principle as keeping your bathroom mirror from getting fogged works on eyeglasses.  Ever go from the cold AC outside into the heat of summer?  Your glasses (and sunglasses) completely fog up.  Just make sure to use a good cloth to wipe off the shaving cream.  You don’t want to risk scratching your lenses!
  4. Again, use this same defogging principle on your car windshield to keep your view of the road clear.
  5. Got paint?  Use shaving cream to help remove paint from your hands.  You can rinse off with water just like you would with soap.
  6. Use shaving cream to wash grease off your hands.  Scrub vigorously then wash with soap and water.
  7. Use shaving cream as a stain remover for carpet.  Simply dab with a wet cloth, apply a dollop of shaving cream then wipe clean with a dry cloth.  If it’s a heavy stain, you may want to scrub with an old toothbrush.
  8. Just like getting getting stains out of your carpet, use the same method for stains on clothes.  Once you’ve let the shaving cream work it’s magic, run through the wash as usual.
  9. Shine chrome fixtures in the bathroom with shaving cream.  Simply wipe off with a damp cloth to finish.
  10. Clean your shower door with shaving cream and wipe off with a clean, dry cloth.
  11. Do you have old jewelry that needs a good shining?  Use shaving cream and an old toothbrush to clean them right up!
  12. Fix a squeaky door by rubbing shaving cream directly on the hinge.
  13. Don’t have water but need to clean your hands?  Rub shaving cream over your hands and wipe clean with a towel.  This is great as a waterless soap for camping.
  14. Got a new baseball mitt?  Rub shaving cream into the palm of the mitt, add a baseball, squeeze it shut and secure with a rubber band.  Let sit for several hours.
  15. Clean your oven with shaving cream and a scouring pad.  Wipe clean with a damp cloth after all the junk has been removed.

Please note that these uses are for shaving CREAM not shaving GEL.  Using the gel will likely cause a huge mess and won’t work for the tips listed.

What other uses for shaving cream can you share?

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