Price Vs. Quality? Buy It & Keep It

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Buy it – Keep it.  In today’s economy, is price better than quality?  I don’t believe it is.  While it’s important to live within a budget, sometimes you need to consider the quality a product when making a purchase.  Is it worth the price if you’re not satisfied with the quality?

When purchasing a product, I always consider how it will be used and for how long.  Typically, we make a purchase and keep the item for years, and years, and years, and (well, you get the idea.)

I’ve learned to always examine the quality of products before I make a purchase.  Sometimes, quality should trump price. It’s just that simple.

It’s taken me awhile, but I learned that spending a bit more now can save me from having to make the same purchase down the road. Furniture is a fantastic example of how purchasing quality can make a huge difference.

My husband and I purchased a couch a few years ago.  While it was by no means cheap; we were focused more on the budget than the quality of the couch.  After a few years, the cushions are becoming distorted and the stitching is pulling at some of the seams.  I would have preferred to keep this couch for another 10 years, but I honestly don’t see how it will make it more than 2.  The quality just isn’t there.

On the flip side, I have chairs that my mother purchased over 20 years ago.  She purchased quality products and they still look as good as new all these years later.

Clothes are another great example of purchasing quality products.  If I purchase a good pair of jeans, I’m able to wear them significantly longer than a pair that I picked up at Kmart.  I have jeans in my closet that I have worn off and on since I was 17 years old – seriously!

Purchasing quality clothing also means that I’m able to find clothes that actually fit and flatter my body shape.  Not only does the investment lead to a longer longevity,  I’m more comfortable which makes me want to wear them longer.  Consider this fact the next time you need to purchase a bra.  Get a bra fitting prior to making the purchase.  You’ll feel more confident and comfortable which will likely further extend the life of your purchase.

I don’t follow this rule with my children’s clothing.  I want them to be comfortable, but at the same time – KIDS GROW.  If I can get that Gymboree outfit on a fantastic sale, then I’m thrilled.  Otherwise, say hello to Target and Old Navy because they won’t be able to wear it again next year anyways!

Additionally, I feel the same way about going out to eat.  If I’m going to spend money at a restaurant, I want to enjoy my meal.  I want to eat something that I simply can’t make better at home.  I hate going out, spending a bunch of cash, only to leave thinking my meal was just okay.  I would rather have one date night with my husband for $100, than 3 dates that cost $30 each.

My goal – get a high quality product at a lower price.  I may spend a bit more initially, but it will pay off two-fold over time.

What is your opinion on the price vs. quality debate?

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