Saving Money on Baby Care is Easier than You Think

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Saving Money on Baby Care
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Saving Money on Baby Care is Easier than You Think!

Being frugal is one skill that parents have to learn quickly if they hope to survive when baby arrives.  Babies are extremely expensive even in the best of circumstances. If you learn about saving money on baby care before you even have a baby, you will be way ahead of the game.   Many new parents don’t realize how expensive a baby can be and they end up spending more than they have to. Here are some tips that can help you weather the coming diaper storm:

Don’t Fall for Fancy Products

Yes, you do want your baby to smell good. However, many products are sold that you don’t even need. Parents sometimes buy these products just because they are scented. Babies actually have a wonderful smell naturally as long as they are properly changed and cared for. The reality is that these scented products, like baby powder, can cause more problems than they resolve. You probably already have what you need in your own cabinets.

Here are some tips to consider:

::  Corn starch: Corn starch commonly gets replaced by unnecessarily expensive products. Baby powder is corn starch, with a bit of fragrance. Because of the fragrance, it can irritate your baby’s skin and even cause fungus growth.

::  Disposable diapers: These diapers are expensive and sometimes contain fragrance as well. Make or buy cloth diapers instead. You’ll save a ton of money. You can also cut your pieces of cloth and place in an empty wipes container with a bit of water.  Instant wipes!  Take it a step further and make your own detergent to wash them in and you will save even more cash.

:: Baby food: Make your own baby food instead of buying it in jars. As long as you have a food processor or can operate a potato masher very well, you are in business. Just make sure to mash up healthy foods to a pureed consistency.  Remember to introduce foods one at a time in case baby has allergies or sensitives to certain foods.

:: Baby lotion:  Buy an aloe plant and break off a piece as needed. Body massage is great for your baby and is best when lubricant is used. Aloe is a natural moisturizer that is easily grown and is also good for treating burns.

:: Diaper rash cream: Hopefully your baby doesn’t need this a lot. If he or she does and you are using disposable diapers, try changing brands. If you are using cloth diapers, change detergents or eliminate fragrance from your own detergent that you made. Instead of buying diaper rash cream, use coconut oil. You can buy this in many forms and use it for more than diaper rash. It’s good for cooking and treating just about any kind of rash.

While this article focuses mainly on alternatives to buying products, you should also use coupons to save BIG.  There are countless coupons available for diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, baby wash and more.  Match a coupon with a sale to maximize your savings.

More than anything else, saving money on baby care is about knowing how to use what you already have. Remember that babies have survived for thousands of years without commercialized products for everyday maintenance. When you save money on the everyday things, you have plenty left over for all those toys and educational products you want for your child.


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