Share Your Bloom & Farm Fresh Doubles Shopping Trips

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Please share your shopping trips from Bloom Super Doubles and Farm Fresh $2 Doubles here.  I will shop vicariously through all of you.  It also helps other shoppers find more deals.

I pulled my back again, so I’ve been on the couch since Thursday.  I’m hoping the few items I want will be available on Tuesday.

Reader Beth’s Trip:

Went to Farm Fresh this morning and got some great deals!! Total before coupons $80.57 and After coupons $26.47! Saved 68%!!!!! Did the turkey deal and got my turkey for $5.08(plus the cost of carnation evap milk and crescent rolls which I had coupons for!!:)) But left with $5 and $3 CAT to use next time!!!

***Important Announcement***
I’m hearing some stores are saying that the $5 off $25 coupon is not valid.  Everyone should stop using the coupon and discard it.

It is not listed on the CIC as being fraudulent.  I can’t even find comments on other deals sites that posted the coupon saying other SuperValu stores listed are not accepting it.  Therefore,  I can’t determine if someone created a completely counterfeit coupon or if at some point the coupon was altered to make it invalid.

Whatever the case, if Farm Fresh is saying it’s not valid please don’t attempt to use it!

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      • Janeluvscoupon says

        I went to the one at South Independence Blvd (Princess Ann)! The cashiers said they lost money off it coz they were told it was a scam and disposed of my coupon!! :-(

        • Beth says

          wow I didn’t know that it was not valid! I used it this past wend. now i feel bad, but I didn’t know!!! thats crazy!

          • Dana says

            I used it Wednesday as well.

            Before posting I checked CIC and did the Veri-Fi through Bricks. It also appeared to have all the appropriate security measures that you would expect on the coupon (such as where the coupon was printed and your personal printing identification information). The only difference was the barcode but that is common for store coupons to have different barcodes.

            I’m rather disappointed that someone would go to such lengths to make such a counterfeit coupon or alter some to make it fraudulent.

    • Dana says

      If they are saying it is not valid then everyone should stop using the coupon and discard it.

      It is not listed on the CIC as being fraudulent. Unfortunately, I can’t find comments on other deals sites that posted the coupon saying other SuperValu stores listed are not accepting it.

      I will keep you posted if I learn more about the coupon, but please don’t attempt to use it.

  1. Kel says

    So, how do we know if our farm fresh stores are doing $2 doubles? I viewed my store circular online and it’s the same one. Is this unadvertised or can I find this info somewhere?

  2. mindy says

    i used my $5 off $25 at south battlefield store…didn’t know that coupon was fake. Anyway, i didn’t get much from Bloom but did well with Farm Fresh.

    Farm fresh 2 trips:
    4 minutes maid juice $2.99 (free with $2Q)
    12 nissin cup noodle $0.69 ($0.20 for all 12 w/ $1Q wyb3)
    3 nivea body wash $4.99 ($1 each after $2Q)
    2 schick disp razor $4.99 ($1 each after $2Q)
    2 charmin tissue 12pk $5.50 ($9 for both after $1Q wyb2)
    2 kraft shred cheese $3.49 ($0.49 each after $1.50Q)
    total before tax $64
    after coupons $15.20
    after 2Q ($5 off $25) = $10
    $5.20 + tax
    minus $6 catalina
    final out of pocket $1.53

  3. Carol says

    I am confused and fairly new to online couponing. I was under the impression that any Bricks coupon should be considered authentic? I used the $5 off $25 Farm Fresh coupon at my local Harris Teeter. The front end manager at first questioned it and even took it to the backroom to get approval. They accepted it but now i am worried about my credibility in that store. What if anything do you suggest I do?

    • Dana says

      It appeared to be a legitimate coupon. It was even posted on a lot of large sites.

      There is nothing really that you can do now. It must have been an extremely good counterfeit coupon or was altered in some way.

      I am actually surprised Harris Teeter accepted the coupon. Their policy states “We do not accept any internet coupons from other retailers.”

      Just for future reference.

      • Carol says

        I believe it is internet coupons that are product specific that they do not accept not $ off total order.

        I just don’t understand how a fake coupon could be offered through bricks, I guess I just do not really understand the process.

  4. Tasia Alicea says

    Here is what I got today at Farm Fresh for a grand total of $2.35:

    – 4 cans of hot dog chilli
    – 1 box of Kashi cereal
    – 1 box of Kashi cookies
    – 1 zone perfect bar
    – 1 bottle of Welch’s essentials juice
    – 4 jars of beech nut baby food (my $1.10/4 coupon did not double properly so therefore my total is higher than what it should be. The coupon only doubled to $1.48)
    – 2 boxes of dreamfield elbow macaroni

  5. Amanda Bollinger says

    Tasia, did you find the stage 2 1/2 beech nut baby food? I looked at three farm fresh’s and couldn’t find it. And the $1 off any 3 beech nut coupon also only takes off the price of one item (ie. I bought 3 $0.69 baby food and it only took off $0.69 so they’ve had to adjust it every time.)

  6. says

    I rarely post my totals, but I so love looking at everyone’s list before I shop so I decided to post.
    I had more than 20 coupons I could have used so I tried to save ones that I already had Rain Checks for and ones that are “always” free for later.
    Soo….here it goes:
    2 Heinz Ketchup – Free
    Gold Medal Flour – 1.00
    Kashi Cereal – Free (Cpn came with sample)
    2 Idaho Mash Potatoes – Free
    2 Drops Candies – 2/2.48
    2 Welch’s Juice 2/ 1.00
    2 Magic Changing Jello Free
    Saltine Crackers – 1.24
    Honey Graham – 1.74
    4 Domino Powder Sugars – 2.76 (Cpns from front of Gold Medal Flour I bought awhile ago)
    2 Nestle Hot Chocolate- Free
    2 Hidden Valley Dressings- 2/1.00
    Equal – Free
    2 Kraft Marsh. 0.38 (Cpn from friend from church that works with Nabisco & has extra peelies and coupons in a box free for the taking…sometimes they make for great deals!)
    Red Baron Singles – 3.00 – Husband had to have!
    Kerry Gold Butter – Free Coupon (Mailed to me from taking a survey)
    – 4 bags 0.20
    – $ 5 off $25
    9.24 after tax – A couple coupons took off different amounts so grand total was a little less than I expected! Total Savings 54.68 or 87%.
    Now I have $3 to spend on Wednesday! Plus several of items will be donated to our church food pantry.
    Thanks for posting your totals. I love looking at them and finding deals I missed.

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