Shopping Yard Sales

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I asked my mother-in-law to contribute a post about tips for shopping yard sales.  She is a veteran yard saler who has been scouring neighborhoods for the past, well, I might get in trouble if I tell you that ;)

Yard sales are a great way to find household treasures, tools, sports equipment, baby furniture, toys and clothing at a bargain price.

  1. Know your area, location is important. A neighborhood with young families equals infant, toddler or   children’s clothing and toys. Children’s clothing and toys resale easy and are usually in excellent condition.
  2. Map your area; mark the newspaper ad with your yard sale choices. Check the map for directions or enter the addresses in your GPS. Number each yard sale in the order you will visit. Usually it is best to start closet to your home traveling to the furthest yard sale of the day.
  3. Let’s make a deal, most yard sale families are eager to move their items. So offer less than they are asking, remember to be reasonable.
  4. Before you head out to find your treasure, take measurements with you. Know how much space you have if you are looking for a furniture item, know the size of the frame, mirror, or clothing you are looking for, this saves guessing or passing up a deal.
  5. Take small bills with you, having plenty of ones, fives and tens makes it easier for you to bargain, most families do not like checks so cash is a must.

Now enjoy the hunt for that treasure.

-I wanted to add that she was telling me yesterday about a yard sale she went to that was way over priced for scrapbook materials.  The prices were just under retail value.  As with everything, don’t just assume it’s a great deal just because it’s from a yard sale.  When I shop yard sales I want a steal, which to me, is the whole point.  The new Gymboree jean skirt she got “LuLu” for $0.25 was a steal!

Diana is a mom to 3 boys and Nana to 4 kiddos.  She is a military wife who loves to find a good bargain.  When she’s not a grandchild’s baseball or soccer game; she can be found scouring yard sales or the mall for rock bottom deals. 

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  1. Renae @ Madame Deals says

    I love yard sales! I grew up attending and holding yard sales frequently. If you are holding a yard sale, remember that your items are used and they should be priced accordingly. It drives me crazy to pull up to a yard sale only to find their prices outrageous! In my experience, you will make more money if you price low. Plus, you will get rid of your stuff which is the whole goal!

    Thanks for linking up Dana!

  2. Coupon Teacher says

    I really want to get more into this (going to yard sales)! I need to hold one to get rid of some things first!

  3. Post Grad says

    I've never actually tried yard sales but I have a friend who used to rack up at them. Maybe this summer I'll give it a go.
    Thanks for the tips!

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