Childrens Easter Craft Idea – Toilet Paper Easter Bunny Treat Holders

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Childrens Easter Craft

Spring is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner.  Here is an adorable childrens Easter craft to do with your kids that is perfect for passing out at school, to friends or neighbors.

It’s inexpensive so this is a project that is easy on your wallet and super fun to put together! Most craft items will probably already be in your stash. If not, they are all available at Dollar Tree.   Start asking friends, family, and neighbors to save their TP rolls if you don’t already have a bunch hoarded away.  You can also cut a paper towel roll in half if you’d prefer not to use TP rolls.

If you want to avoid the candy craze they can be filled with a multitude of Dollar Store items- erasers, mini bubbles, crackers, hot wheels cars, balloons, or beads.

Children’s Easter Craft Idea:

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Easter Basket Craft for Kids – Homemade Easter Basket

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Easter Basket Craft for Kids

These sweet Easter basket craft for kids can be used for decorating the table as a centerpiece,  collecting Easter eggs, or for dramatic play. They are inexpensive and a wonderful way to upcycle items from around the house.

This is a very kid friendly craft and is a fantastic and creative way to work on some fine motor skills- threading ribbon, and tying knots. For toddlers these baskets would be a great toy to carry, dump, and fill with plastic Easter eggs. We are planning on making one for grandma and filling it with a couple of her favorite bath products and a chocolate or two plastic.

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Easy Easter Bunny Napkin Holder

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Easter Bunny Napkin Holder

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If you need a simple and sweet Easter Bunny Napkin Holder for the kids,  I have one for you that is also inexpensive.  I love using things from around the house to create pretty seasonal decorations.  This one is so fun and cute that I can’t wait to put them out on the table for Easter dinner!   This Easter Bunny Napkin Holder craft is made simply from leftover toilet paper rolls and a few craft supplies from your stash.

If you are missing any of these supplies a quick trip to your local Dollar Store will supply you with everything you need, as well as plenty of leftovers for other fun projects.  You could make all bunnies or with a few changes add in some chicks or lambs.

Easter Bunny Napkin Holder Supplies

Easter Bunny Napkin Holder:

Supplies Needed

Empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel roll)
craft foam, scrapbook paper, or construction paper
googly eyes
assorted pompoms
pink marker


  1. Cut your toilet paper roll in half.
  2. Cut strips of paper to cover ( I am sure t.p. rolls are standard size- mine came to 2” wide and  6” long)
  3. Apply  generous amount of glue to backside of paper, wrap around cardboard ring, use a clothespin or paper clip to clamp the paper into place until the glue sets.
  4. Glue on googly eyes, a small pink pompom for the nose, and 2 small white pompoms for chubby cheeks.
  5. Cut ears from paper and color pink insides, add glue to bottom of ears and slip between cardboard roll and paper that is wrapped around it.
  6. Slide napkins through rings.

This Easter Bunny Napkin Holder would be cute with paper or cloth napkins!

Easter Bunny Napkin Holder Collage

What do you think of this Easter Bunny Napkin Holder?

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How to Make Easter Bunny Cake

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Learn how to make an Easter bunny cake with just a few simple steps.  An Easter Bunny Cake is super cute and requires very little cake decorating skills.  This was a fun project for the kids to get involved it.  Kids can help bake the cake and decorate.  LuLu did all the candy decorations on the bow tie :)

How to Make Easter Bunny Cake:

1.  Bake your desired cake mix in (2) round cake pans.

2. Cool and trim middle “bump” if necessary so cakes will lie flat, set aside excess.

3.  Use (1) round cake for making the bunny ears and bow tie.  Use used a bowl to help with the rounded edges.  Leave the other round cake for the head.


4.  Assemble the bunny cake by placing the bow tie, round cake for head then bunny ears.

5. Decorate cake as desired.  We used white icing with a star tip facing straight down to decorate a majority of the cake & smooth pink icing for the ears.  The kids used pink icing for the nose, black licorice for the eyes and whiskers, and flower sprinkles to decorate the bow tie.

Did your kids make Easter bunny cake with you?

Want to make your own homemade Butter Cream Icing?

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