Best Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe

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Are you looking for the Best Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe?  Give this one a try at your next meal and let us know what you think.

4 lbs Russet Potatoes
2 sticks (8 oz) room temperature Butter
1 cup room temperature Heavy Cream
1 head Garlic
1 tbsp Virgin Olive Oil

Best Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe  Ingredients


  1. Cut end off end of head of garlic, place in foil and drizzle with olive oil.
  2. Close up foil and bake in 400 degree oven for 30 minutes.
  3. Allow to cool.
  4. Peel and dice potatoes into 1/2″ cubes.
  5. Cover in water in large pan and boil 20 – 30 minutes, until soft.
  6. Drain potatoes.
  7. Add 4 cloves of the roasted garlic by popping out of their skins.
  8. Mash potatoes with a masher until everything is pretty mashed
  9. Add butter.
  10. Use hand mixer to smooth out any remaining lumps.
  11. Slowly add cream until potatoes reach right consistency.
  12. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

(Serves 6-7 people)

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Mini Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies

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Mini Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies Recipe

How cute are these Mini Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies?  Seriously they are adorable!  While these might look like pumpkin pie, it’s really a sugar cookie in disguise.  YUM!

Cookie Pie ingredients

3 cup Flour
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 cup softened Butter
1 1/2 cup Sugar
1 Egg
1 tsp Vanilla
Wilton Orange Cookie Icing
Can Whipped Cream

1/2 cup softened Butter
1 tbsp Milk
2 cup Powdered Sugar
1/2 tbsp Cocoa Powder


  1. Combine dry ingredients and set aside
  2. Cream butter and sugar.
  3. Add beaten egg and vanilla.
  4. Gradually add in dry ingredients.
  5. Take teaspoon size pieces, roll into balls and place on parchment lined cookie sheet.
  6. Bake in 375 degree oven about 8-10 minutes (watch for edges to begin to turn lightly brown).
  7. Leave on cookie sheet for several minutes before moving to cooling rack.Cookie Pie Icing
  8. After cookies are cool cover top of cookie in orange icing.
  9. Allow to dry.
  10. In a large bowl, cream the butter.
  11. Mix in the sugar one cup at a time.
  12. Add cocoa powder and mix until color is uniform.
  13. Beat in the milk mixing until fluffy.
  14. Transfer icing to a piping bag.
  15. Refrigerate to firm.
  16. Pipe a ring around the cookie to look like crust.
  17. Put a tiny dollop of whipped cream in center of cookie.

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How to Make Dessert Pilgrim Hats for Thanksgiving

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Make Dessert Pilgrim Hats

Need a super cute and easy edible craft for the kiddos on Thanksgiving?  Follow these simple directions to learn How to Make Dessert Pilgrim Hats that are both tasty and creative! These would also be cute on top of cupcakes or as mini-treats in decorative cellophane bags. I’m thinking of taking them in as class treats!

Chocolate cookies (I used Keebler Fudge Stripes)
Reese’s Peanut Butter cups – miniature size
Red Fruit roll-up
Yellow Chicklet gum
Chocolate Icing


  1. Place icing on the top of a peanut butter cup and attach to the middle of a cookie.
  2. Cut a red fruit roll up into small pieces, about 2 inches long and ¼ inch wide and place it around the peanut butter cup.
  3. Dab a small amount of icing on the chicklet gum and center it in the middle of the hat on top of the fruit roll up piece. This will be the “buckle” on the hat.
  4. Let set for 5 minutes.

Make Dessert Pilgrim Hats for your next Thanksgiving get-together or class party!

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12 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

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Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Are you looking for temping Thanksgiving dessert recipes?  Below are 12 recipes that should please all of your Holiday guests.

  1. Frozen Pumpkin Latte Pie
  2. Williams-Sonoma Apple Pie
  3. Carrot Pumpkin Bundt Cake With Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting
  4. Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake
  5. No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake
  6. Gluten-Free Apple Pie
  7. Best Ever Pumpkin Cheesecake
  8. Apple Pie Cookies
  9. Apple Pie Tarts
  10. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
  11. Healthy Pumpkin Pie (Paleo Approved)
  12. Apple Snack Cake

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50 Thanksgiving Side Dishes {5 Ingredients or Less}

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Thanksgiving Side Dishes

WOW! Take a peak at these 50 Thanksgiving Side Dishes with 5 Ingredients or Less!  All of these sides will be perfect for your Thanksgiving Table and budget!

  1. Vinegar Cucumber Salad
  2. Easy Recipe for Agave and Balsamic Glazed and Roasted Buttercup Squash
  3. Skillet Corn
  4. Cheesy Herb Potatoes in Foil
  5. 7-Up Biscuits
  6. Sliced Baked Potatoes with Cheese
  7. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar
  8. Homemade Succotash
  9. Easy Butternut Squash Puree
  10. Candied Carrots
  11. Roasted Carrots with Lime
  12. Apple Snickers Salad
  13. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
  14. Grandma’s Shrimp Salad
  15. Easy Creamed Corn
  16. Shredded and Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Toasted Almonds and Parmesan
  17. Fresh Cranberry Orange Sauce
  18. Sweet Potato Hash
  19. Creamed Onions
  20. Figs with Honey
  21. Crockpot Greens
  22. Shrimp Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes
  23. Sweet Potato Hash with Onions & Feta
  24. Roasted Beets
  25. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
  26. Ambrosia
  27. Roasted Red Pepper Coulis
  28. Easy Cheesy Noodles
  29. Prosciutto-Wrapped Honeyed Pears
  30. Green Beans with Bacon
  31. Crack Potatoes
  32. Parmesan Tomatoes
  33. Pesto Pasta Salad
  34. Crockpot Potatoes
  35. Roasted Green Beans with Mushrooms, Balsamic, and Parmesan
  36. Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes
  37. Cranberry Sauerkraut Meatballs
  38. Cheesy Dilly Green Beans with Bacon
  39. 5-Ingredient Pasta Salad
  40. Cilantro Lime Rice
  41. Warm Rosemary Olives
  42. Baked Sweet Potato Dauphinois
  43. Balsamic Garlic Mushrooms
  44. Pecan and Pepper Jelly Dip
  45. Crockpot Bacon Cheese Potatoes
  46. Honey and Thyme Roasted Acorn Squash
  47. Duck Fat Home Fries
  48. Crunch Green Beans in Brown Butter Sauce
  49. Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Agave Nectar and Fresh Rosemary
  50. Orange Fluff Jello Salad

Let us know which one is your favorite!