Thrifty Thursday: Budget System with a Debit Card

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Last week I wrote about using a cash budget system.  I realize there are many ways to manage money and everyone must determine what works best for them.  While the cash system has worked wonders for my life, all families are different.  This week I wanted to briefly mention using a budget system with a debit card. 

Set a budget– Just like with using a cash budget system, you should start by making a budget and knowing how much you have to spend each month. 

Consider your debit card options– Not all cards offer the same rewards.  Know what the rewards are for your card, how you accumulate those rewards and any restrictions that may be associated with redeeming awards. 

Track your spending – This could be a simple excel spreadsheet, using a free service such as or any other system that will enable you to input your transactions and keep on top of the funds you have available. 

Personally, I would suggest giving both the cash budget system and debit budget system a try.  Determine what works best for you.  If you’ve always used credit, consider a 2 or 3 month trial period with cash.  Determine if you saved more by using cash and if so, factor in the looses from the debit card rewards.  If you’re having a difficult time with the cash system;  try out using your debit card.  The goal is the same in both systems.  To live well within your means & to make your hard-earned money work for you.

Make sure to read the comments on the Cash Budget System post and feel free to share your budget system with us

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  1. Ginger says

    Great post, Dana. Thanks for responding so effectively to the feedback you received. You’re right, many options can work. You have to know your personality, budget and habits.

    • Dana says

      Thanks! I tried to find a detailed post about using this type of system but I didn’t find anything. I’ll post it if I ever come across one

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