Thrifty Thursday: How to Save on Meat (Part 2)

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I didn’t intend for an entire week to pass before I continued my series on how to save on meat and produce.  I’ll work on getting more posted this week.

Read How to Save on Meat Part 1 if you missed it last week.

-Buy Bone-in, Skin-on meat: It is typically cheaper to purchase bone-in vs boneless meat.  You can also save by purchasing skin-on chicken and removing it yourself.  It takes a little more work to remove the skin, but the price difference is usually worth it. 

Buy store brand: Although I tend to be a Perdue snob, purchasing store brand meat is usually cheaper (depending on current sales).

Buy cheaper cuts: Save money by purchasing cheaper cuts of meat and marinading, using a tenderizer or cooking in a crock pot.

Use rebates: I love taking a stroll through the beer section in search of mail-in rebates.  The beer section isn’t the only place to find meat rebates, but it’s where I find most of mine.  Typically, an alcohol purchase is not required. 

-Use coupons from promos: Did you get a Catalina back from a recent store promotion?  It is fairly common to find a store promo to get $10 back via coupon at checkout when you purchase $25 or $30 worth of participating products.  Use the coupon to save on meat (or produce).

Next up, cooking with meat.

What are your tips for saving on meat and produce? Comments left that are not on my notes, will be added in a separate post at the end of the series.

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  1. Phyllis says

    Dana – Thanks so much for the beer section rebate tip. I had NO idea that I could find great rebates attached to beer! Can't wait to start browsing the brew more carefully. Great tip!

  2. Stace says

    You can also become a vegetarian! lol Sorry, had to 😉 I'm not one now but was in the past and my almost teen daughter is. With my husband gone most of the time, I admit we barely touch meat which wow, really saves on that bill! When we do eat meat, it's not red. I love those buy 2, get three sales 😉

  3. Coupon Teacher says

    I work full time and blog. So I will admit that I splurge on boneless, skinless meat. If I ever have more time, this will be one of the things I cut back on!

  4. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Phyllis:Yes, lots of rebates in the beer section or front counter. I may walk in 1 week and walk out with 3 rebate forms, but others they don't have any so keep checking back.

    Stace: you and your little vegetarian :) Maybe you'll want to guest post or post on your site with a repost over here?

    Shelly: Sometimes convenience wins out. I know you save in alot of other areas.

  5. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says

    Wow, never heard of a meat rebate. I'll check it out..thanks.

    Stop on over and visit Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon!


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