Thrifty Thursday: It’s Okay to Miss a Deal

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When you first start couponing, you want to build a stockpile RIGHT NOW.  You run around to every store and buy all the products you can get your hands on that are cheap or free.  Taking into account the budget, cost of gas and our time gets pushed into the back of your minds.  You have 1 goal – to find the best deal.

Eventually, you get burnt out.  Going to 5+ stores each week gets exhausting, not to mention the prep time it takes to get ready for a shopping trip.  Even veteran coupon users fall into this trap.  I wanted to remind everyone today that:


You don’t need to go to all the grocery and drugstores in your area.  You can even (gasp) skip shopping all together one week.  I haven’t been drugstore shopping much in months.  I’m trying to use what I have and purchase new items when I feel like it.  I’m okay with taking a break from shopping or from using coupons for awhile.

In all likelihood, you will be able to get the same or similar deal again in a few months.  Don’t feel like you have to get all the deals this week or request all the free samples.  Take your time and enjoy what you have already worked hard to accumulate.  Give yourself and your family a break from deal seeking every once in awhile.

I always find that I get excited about couponing again after a break.  Take a breath and enjoy the rest of your summer.  Get creative in the kitchen.  Have fun.  And remember that’s it’s okay to miss a deal.


  1. Kris says

    You are so right! I am taking a break during this summer, all my coupons are waiting to be clipped. I am going to start again when school starts. It will be a lot of work but I am excited to get back to couponing. I so needed this break!

  2. Karen Crook says

    Thank you! I needed to hear that. I haven’t been drugstore shopping this summer at all and have been feeling guilty about it and feeling like I must be missing out on good deals. Now I feel like it is okay. I will get back to the drugstores when I can.

  3. Dana says

    So glad you both found the post helpful. I feel guilty sometimes for taking a break but it makes me ready to save more

  4. says

    Amen! For a while I felt bad when I missed a deal — not because I needed the stuff, but because someone else did. I’m so stocked-up on toiletries et al. that I won’t need to buy any for probably a year and a half. However, I get all the freebies I can and donate them to an emergency pantry. Thus I’d feel that I *should* have gotten that free toothpaste, so that someone in need can have it.
    Well, that way madness lies. Sometimes you just have to say to yourself, “It would have been nice to have gotten that toothpaste (or whatever), but I didn’t. Maybe next week there will be some other useful items to donate. For now, just LET IT GO, already.”

    • Dana says

      I agree, it’s hard to skip shopping when you’re purchasing to donate. I try to remember that there will always be another deal that I can pick up for my family or another family.

      Thanks for using coupons to help those in need!

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