Thrifty Thursday: Summer Reading Programs

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It’s the last day of school.  Now it’s up to me to entertain 2 children ALL day long for 3 months.  One way we will spend our afternoons is reading.  Not only is reading a great quiet activity, it’ll keep Monkey from forgetting all the reading skills he worked so hard on throughout the school year. 

Most of the books my children read come from their own library.  Over the years, we have accumulated countless books in addition to all the books my husband & I grew up reading.  While reading from your own stash is great, kids love anything that’s new.  Head to your local public library to check out books for free.  You can also try to work library visits around Story Time to make the trip even more exciting.  I’ve found that short chapter books from the library are of particular interest to Monkey.  He gets excited to read books that follow in the series.

My goal is to continue to nurture his love of reading, so it will last a lifetime.

Make sure to reward your child will these freebies:

What are your tips for getting your child reading over the summer?

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