Thrifty Thursday: What Can You Do with $5?

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This is a post that was supposed to have gone up a month ago, but I must have scheduled it wrong.  I thought adding it as part of Thrifty Thursday would be good to show how through couponing we can give back to those in need.  Coupon users are have the unique ability to give more for less! 

Looking for more information on donating?  Read this post

I teamed up with Amee from Madame Deals & several other bloggers to show how $5 can truly make a difference.  We have shown a range of items that can benefit those less fortunate.

What did we do with just $5 each from Pampers?

Sharon at Mom on Dealz

These toiletries will be going to a local Samaritan House in Virginia Beach, Va. After coupons, register rewards from Walgreens and +UP rewards from Rite Aid I got the following for $4.37. I threw in another deodorant from Target I had gotten for a few cents last month so the total is pretty close to $5.

Dana- The Coupon Challenge

The shopping trip above cost just $5.00. It is going to Web of Life, a local farm rescue center for all types of animals.

Laura-A Frugal Chick

Laura- Will be donating her $5.00 worth of groceries to a local cause. This haul is part of a shopping trip she made while being filmed by a TV crew. I will link up her trip when the link becomes available.

Charlotte – Stretching Your Budget



I love shopping and saving! I’m donating it to Sunnyside Ministries. It’s a local shelter in Winston-Salem, NC. The moms group at our church collects items once a month to take there. Here’s the basket I did. Everything I bought this week at Harris Teeter.

My total was $4.67 after tax. Saved $60.25!!!

Tabitha at Saving Towards A Better Life

I spent $6.09 but I received $9.77 back in ECBs from CVS making it all essentially FREE!
It’s going to the relief efforts of a local church for the families in our area that lost everything in the tornadoes on April 27th. My box includes deodorant, body wash, lotion and toothpaste. As well as 4 quarts of baby formula and some toddler snacks (items that were at the top of the much needed list!!

Luxury Living Frugal Style

We made Mother’s gift baskets for our local Maternity home, The Shepard’s Maternity House. The Shepard’s maternity house is a place where unwed moms to be who have no where else to go and go and be safe and have a safe place to live while pregnant and after having their baby.

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