Updated Harris Teeter Coupon Policy

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I finally have a response back from Harris Teeter regarding the updated coupon policy.  I had confirmation about the stacking of eVIC coupons and paper coupons from the store, but I wanted something in writing from Corporate.

The good news is, we can still “stack” eVIC digital coupons and manufacture paper coupons.  This will be going away, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it takes a LONG time :)

The policy didn’t change too much.  Mostly there was just some clarification added.  I hope you all know that “Coupons saved to your mobile device cannot be accepted.”  You need to print applicable coupons for redemption (excluding eVIC, of course.)

See the updated Harris Teeter Coupon Policy here

Q. Are you no longer allowing an evic digital coupon and a paper manufacture coupon to be used on one product?
A. As of right now you can still use a paper coupon and an eVIC coupon. Our system is being updated to where this will no longer be allowed; however that is further down the road. It will be announced when change goes into effect. We are experiencing issues with the eVIC coupons deducting properly and this is being addressed with the company who offers the proundefinedgram. The paper coupons should not be affecting this. They should be able to go to the customer service desk at their local store and they can “force redeem” these.

Q. Please clarify the raincheck policy “For deals where the pricing may vary, the customer must pay the highest of the amounts.”
A. Regarding the raincheck policy “For deals where the pricing may vary, the customer must pay the highest of the amounts.” This refers to when we have an item that is on sale that may be different prices (for example if the boneless skinless chicken breast is Buy 2 Get 3 Free, the customer would be charged for the two higher priced chickens and the lower priced 3 would be the free ones.


  1. janelle says

    The lady at customer service said that in order for your Zavers to work you need to make sure you scan your harris teeter card first (before ringing up ANY items).

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