Walgreen’s Register Rewards Accepted at the Commissary!

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Ginger was gracious enough to let me know that she was able to use a Walgreen’s Register Reward at the Little Creek Commissary.  According to Ginger, an email has been received by DECA stating that RR’s are accepted.  I contacted Sarah at My Military Mommy and have put together the following based on the posts HERE and HERE

A new statement in the June newsletter, states that YES they will take Walgreen’s Register Rewards, but NO they will not participate in Walgreen’s Register Rewards Program (not sure why they stated that, I guess some were confused and thought they would get back register rewards at the commissary??). They WILL accept coupons with the Walgreen’s Register Rewards logo, Target, Kroger, or others logos, as long as it is a Manufacturer coupon and does not state that it may ONLY be used at that store.

A copy of a letter from a reader of My Military Mommy:

Dear Ms. Traci *****,

Thank you for bringing the coupons from Walgreens to our attention. I am pleased to say that the information you received from [Head of Customer Service for DECA] is correct. The coupons you presented to us CAN be used at the commissary. We can accept manufacturer coupons, however the coupon cannot state that it has limited use in a certain store. For example, the coupons that you gave us stated “redeemable at Walgreens”, these coupons will be accepted because it does not state that it is ONLY redeemable at Walgreens.

Thank you again for making this a learning experience for all of us here at Fort Carson. We appreciate your patience for allowing us to look further into the situation.

[Assistant Customer Service Manager]
Ft. Carson Commissary

I’d recommend speaking to the manager prior to checkout so you’re not waiting in line with all your food while they figure out that you can use RR’s.


  1. Anonymous says

    WOW this is great news!! I can't really understand why they would take them but I'm definitely going to try it! Thanks for passing this info!

  2. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    I was surprised to learn it as well. Hope you don't encounter too many problems while they figure out it's a new policy.

  3. Anonymous says

    Thanks! Are they accepting this OYNO because they will get reimbursed by the manufacturer after all?? If so, other grocery stores could do this too if they will get reimbursed anyway, what do you think?

  4. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    I would imagaine they would get reimbursed by the manufacturer. If not this will probably be a short lived policy. Anyone know for sure??

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