What Propels You? Saving & Couponing for Family Travel

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I was recently asked the question, ‘What Propels You?’  What are my personal goals?  What inspires and ultimately propels me to achieve those goals?

The answer to that question has changed somewhat over the past couple of years. However, the basis for the answer has remained the same.

My family propels me.

All the decisions I have made since my first child was born over seven years ago was to live well within our means while being a stay-at-home mom.  I want to travel and enjoy life with my family all while saving and planning for our future.

Initially, my goals were to stay at home, live within a budget and get out of debt.  After we learned how to live on a budget through using coupons, spending cash & prioritizing our purchases;  we found that travel was a bit out of our reach.  We went camping, took afternoon bike rides & once took the kids skiing for a night.  We really couldn’t afford the kind of family vacation my husband & I remember taking as children.  We saved, worked hard, and eventually were able to get out of debt.

Now, we are finally in the position to travel as a family.  I still believe in afternoon outings that are free and cheap, but the idea of traveling is no longer a distant dream.

We finally took our first family vacation to Disney World last year.  It was an amazing experience for my entire family.  Not only did we get to FINALLY take a family vacation, we came home without a balance on the credit card!

I’m not expecting to always take big, elaborate vacations.  We just want the ability to head to the beach for a weekend or up to Washington, DC for a night.  It requires saving and planning, but I want those memories for my children.

One thing my husband and I both remember fondly is the family trips we took growing up.  The world is a huge place.  I want my children to experience life in different areas of the country.  I want quality time away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life.

My family inspires and ultimately propels me to work hard saving and reducing our spending, so we can afford the extra travel and family time that would otherwise be out of reach.

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