Where to Use Reusable Shopping Bags & Get Them Free

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Luxury Living Frugal Style put together a great list of stores that provide a discount for bringing your own bag.  I added a couple local stores to the list to make sure you’re getting that little bit of extra $ off your weekly shopping trips.  My bags have more than paid for themselves over the years.

Our country as a whole is on a reusable bag kick.  Half of California has banned plastic shopping bags entirely.  Those plastic bags cost the stores money, and you are paying for them with higher shelf prices!  And some of these stores have decided to give money back to those who don’t use them!  Here’s some that I know about:

Target – Has a $0.05 off credit on your order for each reusable bag per visit.

CVS – Pick up a bag tag from them for $0.99 and they will scan it along with your CVS card whenever you use a reusable bag.  Every 4 scans will get you $1 ECB!

Farm Fresh – Gives $0.05 for every bag you bring.

Lowes Foods – They give a $0.05 Fresh Rewards credit on your Fresh Rewards card for each reusable bag you use.

Giant – Gives $0.05 for every bag you bring to bag groceries.

Kroger – Gives $0.05 for every bag you win.

Shop Right – Also $0.05 for each bag you bring.

Trader Joe’s – You’ll be entered into a $20 GC Drawing for using reusable bags.

Whole Foods – $0.05-$0.10 off your bill for each reusable bag…Whole Foods has completely stopped using plastic bags, so if you don’t bring your own you will get 100% recycled paper paper bags instead!

Sun Harvest – $0.05 off your order for each reusable bag.

You’ll be helping to save the environment and have to take less trips to the car.  Stocking up on enough reusable bags can take some time and money, but to get you started, head to Target on April 17th early…the first 1 million customers will get a free reusable bag with purchase!

Also, if you are near an H-E-B, they will be exchanging 5+ plastic bags for reusable totes on April 22nd from 3-7pm


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