Why We Chose Public School

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Parents have a lot to think about when it comes to education. We want our children to not only gain knowledge but to learn life lessons, skills, and values to help shape them into successful, giving adults. Parents want so many things for their children and education helps set the foundation for the rest of their lives.

A parent’s decision to home school, use private school or public school depends on many factors. Parents must think about what works best for the child, the family, and themselves. All families are different; no two children are the same. What works for your neighbor or sister, may not work for you.

Here are a few of my family’s reasons for sending our son to public school:

I don’t have a lot of patience. I would love to be able to home school my children. There are fantastic methods and resources available to teach children from home. Plus it can be scary out there (more as they get older, but still). However, I know it is just not something that would work for me.

Private school is expensive! My husband and I had MANY discussions on the public versus private education topic. He grew up attending public schools, while I attended both. I wanted the education part of private schools but more importantly; I wanted the values, discipline, and religious education offered at a private institution. We found the perfect private school then realized that although we could swing one child’s tuition there was no way we could afford two.

We live in an area with good schools. We are fortunate that the schools in our area are good; however, we wanted the best. We narrowed down local elementary schools and started searching for houses. After several months, we finally found the not so perfect house. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our decision.

A few things I love about our school:

The teachers and staff are terrific. All the staff seems to enjoy their work and the school itself. You just get a good feeling walking into the building-you know when you walk in somewhere and it just feels right?

“Monkeyboy” is always learning. He is taught a multitude of information and is given an opportunity to learn at his pace. He is excited when he comes home from school and enjoys telling me about his day. I see progress on a daily basis.

Values we teach at home are reinforced in the classroom. Manners, how we treat others, etc are all part of his education. Additionally, there is not discipline, there is a reward system. This works wonders for “Monkeyboy” who would love to just be the class clown. Reward and praise him for good behavior and he’ll strive for greatness.

He meets new friends (and so do I). We have had countless play dates, and I’ve become friends with the moms. I actually met my best friend because “Monkeyboy” and another child got along so well in preschool.

The parents and community are extremely involved. The PTA and Booster Club (I belong to both) are always having fundraisers and activities for the kids. Through the fundraisers and community support, we have materials that other local schools do not. Further, the teachers are able to use more hands-on learning and reward systems because they can count on the parents to donate materials and organize class events.

These are just some of the reasons public school works for our family. The only thing I feel he is lacking is a religious class, but I’m not worried. Children are always learning from you, their parents, and that is something they will always have.

Please don’t think I’m saying public school is better than other types of schooling. This is just what works for our family.

How do you educate your children?


  1. Heather says

    I don't have kids, but I enjoyed hearing your reasons for public school. I agree that even what will work for one kid in the family may not work for the other kid, let alone family to family.

  2. Dana says

    Thanks Heather!
    Public school works well for us at this point in our lives. Maybe in the future private school will be a better option, but I think the kids are in the best place right now.

  3. CJ's Mommie says

    I really wished I could honestly say the schools in our area were good and meeting APY standards, but unfortunately they are not. As educators our son's education is top priority. He's in a private school, but we hope to transition him to a public school if things in improve.

  4. Pinching Abe says

    I also don't have the patience. It's not a bad thing. I think some people just have the knack for teaching kids – but it isn't me!


  5. carsmall says

    I thought I didn't have the patience…use to think it was a little odd to homeschool (had several friends & church family that did so)….until my 10 yr old child was diagnosed w/ an auditory processing disorder & dyslexia. We went through some horrible years trying to fit him into the public school's "box" & keep up w/ the state's pace at the same time. With much prayer & research, I brought him home. After one year, all I can say is "WOW"…What a difference. The patience I thought I did't have, was there! He is a different child as he is free of the stress & able to be a kid again! He's learned so much & we can go at his pace, which has picked up a lot w/o the pressure "to hurry up". Now, I look forward to homeschooling my 2 year old!

  6. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Thanks for sharing! You were given the patience and skills you needed to provide the best environment for your son :)

    I'm so glad things have worked out!

  7. says

    Homeschooler here :)
    I started out with my son who was failing in school…and had fallen in the cracks. 10th grade and he could barely read and didn’t even know how to write his name in cursive to have a signature.
    That blossomed to my girls wanting to also be taught at home…..that was in 1999 and I left with just one daughter at home now.
    She does very well in all ways. I’m very proud of her and will miss her in 4 years when sh is done with school.
    I haven’t convinced my daughters ex yet to allow me to homeschool the grandkids.

    I’m glad public school works for you and that you do have good schools. They are doing some funny things in our school district right now that has a lot of parents and children both in an outrage! We have around 12 or so elementary schools to choose from, although they do like you to go to the one designated for where you live.

    • says

      That’s so great that you were able to teach your son and help him get back on track! I want to cry thinking of my kids getting that old :)

      LOL, maybe one day they will come around and let you teach the grandkids :)

  8. Milissa C. says

    I had great experiences in public school while growing up. I think I would have been sad if I would have had to stay home. I always loved the interaction with other classmates. I also loved living in a dorm while at college and I know that a lot of people could not tolerate it.

    We choose public schools for the main fact that both my husband and I have to work for support our family. I have often dreamed about not having go to work. We only have one car and a modest townhome, but we need two salaries to support it.

    Good Luck to all you homeschoolers out there!

    • Dana says

      Thanks for sharing! Most of my school years were at a public school as well. My kiddos are thriving and I’m not sure we would move them if we could afford to.


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