Weight Watchers Strawberry Pie
  • 1 small box Jello Cook&Serve sugar free vanilla pudding
  • 1 small box Jello sugar free strawberry Jello
  • 4 cups strawberries
  • 1 graham cracker crust
  1. Wash, and slice strawberries.
  2. In a large saucepan mix pudding with water, according to package directions until boiling.
  3. Remove from heat -stir in jello and strawberries.
  4. Allow to cool to room temp.
  5. Pour over pie crust.
  6. Place in refrigerator and allow to set completely.
  7. Top with light cool whip if desired (not counted in points).
Recipe by The Coupon Challenge at https://www.thecouponchallenge.com/weight-watchers-strawberry-pie.html