Dating on a Dime: Get a Massage

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Creating quality time in a marriage or with a significant other is imperative to the strength of a relationship.  But how to you stay on budget with everything else going on in your lives?  Living on Love and Cents has put together a great article for this weeks Dating on a Dime series:

While trying to cut back and still getting out and adding sparks to your relationship you have to think outside the box.

Here is an idea for you:
Need some relaxing time? Try a massage school. I know it sounds strange. But my husband and I have done this several times and it is fabulous!

Look in the phone book or on the internet for “massage schools” in your area. Call them and ask if they offer massage sessions/ therapy. Usually the senior students offer massages on certain days. You have to set up an appointment.

Students of massage at the Houston school provide affordable massage therapy for the public at only $30.00 for a full-hour massage session. That is less than HALF the price of the spas in our area. And we have always had great experiences!

In fact you can make it a great date by asking if you can be in the same room. Most of the schools have double and single rooms. So you and your sweetie can relax and get your massages in the same room. Give it a try!

*In my area: Try the Fuller School of Massage Therapy in VA Beach

There are a lot of great local deal sites where you can find something new and exciting to do without breaking the bank.

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Have you had a couples massage or a massage from a student?

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