Dating on a Dime: Using Daily Deal Sites

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Creating quality time in a marriage or with a significant other is imperative to the strength of a relationship.  But how to you stay on budget with everything else going on in your lives?  Living on Love and Cents & Madame Deals have put together a great article for this weeks Dating on a Dime series:

I know you are not going to believe this, but I had an idea. I know that doesn’t happen often. What if I can go on all my dates with my husband for free? What if I could go on a vacation?

What if I could teach you to do the same? Are you interested?

It isn’t a scam it is actually a real plan. I created an email account called dates. Then I signed up for these sites. Yes, I am asking you to sign up using my codes so I can continue to go on free dates here they are if you are new GrouponLiving Social. Then send your friends your referral links and encourage them to do the same thing you are doing. Why? Well if you make enough referrals you can go on dates for free. I have a 1 hour massage already organized for FREE. I referred 12 people to sign up and it was paid for. I also used living social and bought a deal with my girls I sold three so mine was FREE. I split the cost between the 4 of us but I didn’t have too. The plan I have is to gain enough referrals to go on a trip with my husband I need 60 people to sign up. That is just one person per day. This could actually work!

Heather wants to share how to eat out super cheap or even FREE using Groupon. Here is a video showing how to get a really cheap date! You can sign up for Groupon here.

Other great discount sites to help you go out without breaking the bank:

EverSave | Groupon | LivingSocial | MamaPedia | Moolala


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    The dating for free thing sounds cool. I’m already a member of a lot of the sites you mentioned, just wondering if you have thought of any ways to get free babysitting or even reliable “cheap” babysitting. I don’t trust too many people and teens are NOT an option. I have used Playtime+ for my 6 yr. old, but even buying blocks of time isn’t very cheap. Family never wants to babysit him, he’s very “rambunctious”.

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