Easy DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

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halloween witch wreath

I am not crafty, like at all.  But I really wanted to make a Halloween Witch Wreath that wouldn’t bust my budget.  I went to Dollar Tree and found Halloween ribbon, a spider web and a cloth witch for a total cost of $5.  I also purchased a green wreath form from Micheal’s for $4.20 after coupon.

Halloween Witch Wreath:


3 Rolls of Halloween Ribbon
1 Spider Web
1 Witch
1 Round foam wreath form
sewing pins
black zipper ties


1.  Wrap 1 roll of ribbon around the wreath form then secure on the back using sewing pins.


2.  Attach the spider web using black zipper ties or you could use string.


3.  Pick a 2nd roll of ribbon and wrap loosely around the form pulling through every other opening in the spider web.  Then even out the loops and use sewing pins to hold loops in place.  Make sure to place the pins in the back of the wreath.


4. Use your 3rd roll of ribbon filling in the other spaces of the spider web.  Again, pin the back once you have your loops to the desired size.

5.  Cut the feet off your witch and attach to the back of the wreath using pins.

**You could also use a stapler instead of the pins.  Just be gentle :)


That’s it!  If I can do it, you can do it.  Okay, my husband helped :)

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