Freezer Cooking Day-Results

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I didn’t get to the mac and cheese from my plan, but I’m happy with my extra little freezer stash.

The Chicken Stock is still cooling in the pot (I yielded 9 bags, filled with various amounts of stock)

2 Small Loaves of Banana Bread

3 Dinners worth of Brown Bag Burritos – I think this was an excellent Freezer Cooking Day addition

2 Dinners of Southwestern Wagon Wheels Pasta – not divided in picture

2 Dinners of Chicken Tortilla Soup – in crock pot (ate for dinner tonight with banana bread)

I really like Crystal’s idea of having cooking partner(s).  I’m trying to decide who I can get to join me next month and make this day a little more fun and productive. 

I hope everyone had a great Freezer Cooking Day!


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