Harris Teeter Deals Updated

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Harris Teeter Super double coupon matchups have been  updated.  Let me know what I missed!

Get your matchups here


  1. Stacey says

    I was at HT at 8am. I got everything I wanted, all prices rang up right and all coupons worked. Wahoo for an easy first super doubles trip! and I must say, this cashier was super nice. I did the rhodes, guac (duh lol), salsa, bleach, fresh pasta, edwards singles pie, glade plug in, 7th gen tissues, hefty bags, simpy OJ, yogurt (again duh lol), soymilk and took advantage of the old orchard juice ( my veg girls lives on pom cranberry juice so I adore the b2g3 100% juice sales). I still can use two coupons today but doubt I will go back today.

    thanks again for your hard work! now I’m off to see what FF has to offer.

    • Dana says

      You buy guac and yogurt, no! :)

      My cashier was friendly too. Love it when they make it easy on us! I bought my OJ at FF, held off to see what the price was there and it was $3. I may go back for the GM deal, but I was able to get mostly everything today.

  2. Ginger says

    Dana, love the new printable list. Had a good day at HT. I wanted to mention I found Purex Complete w/Zout 60 oz for 3.99. There was a $3 Q in this wk’s Redplum! Also found Purex Ultra Concentrated 72 oz for 3.99 w/a $1 Q from same Redplum insert. And, to my son’s joy, Dentyne Ice packs for $1.19 x2 minus $1/2 equals 2/$0.38.

    Thanks again for all your work. I gave your site and Lori’s yet another lady at karate last ngt.

  3. Dana says

    Anyone print the lindsay olives coupon? I didn’t register when I posted-don’t use olives but I’m not seeing the coupon either when I register.

  4. Christine says

    I had my DH do my Super Doubles trip at HT today. They give me a hard time every time I go but this time, they gave my DH a hard time. With the B1G1 deals, we split the transaction up. But this time (and first time we ever heard this), they told him that he couldn’t do that and that he could only do 1 transaction per day per customer. He said that they are trying to crack down. We’ll see if the computer tracks that because he said he’s going to another HT to get the second transaction. I think he has a label on his forehead saying “super couponer-give him a hard time.” I have this label because every time I go they never double my DND5.

    Glad that everyone else had a successful trip. Thanks for the matchups!

    • Dana says

      Ha, ha! I’m lucky my store doesn’t bother with the DND5. I always remember half way through the matchups to post which coupons are DND. At least his coupons got through. My store doesn’t have a problem with splitting transactions. I guess that’s like Farm Fresh too, though. You can do multiple transactions at a time at my FF, but not all allow you too

      Glad you were able to save so much!

      Did he get it at the 2nd store? A man on a mission!

  5. Christine says

    He was able to get all the stuff at the second store. We couldn’t find the seventh generation bathtissue though. I’m hoping that there’s tissue paper that we can find. And we couldn’t find the yo-plus yogurt too. This is something I usually see there and find it hard that it was not stocked. My DH also went at 7:30am in the morning too. We are early birds but I think they pick on us early birds.

    • Dana says

      Glad he was able to get everything at the 2nd store! I guess they have more time to be picky that early in the morning before everyone else gets to the store. The Hanbury store had lots of Seventh Gen. tissues. We wiped my stockpile clean with all the colds around the holidays, so it was nice to get a couple boxes free.

  6. Julie A says

    I just wanted to add I got free Kikkoman’s soy sauce with the $1/1 smart source printable (might not be available anymore); And Cole’s Garlic Bread is still available – B1G1 with $0.50/1 coupon makes it only $0.10 for the mini-loaf.

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