Harris Teeter Super Doubles Deals Starting 04/27 (Regular Price Items) *UPDATED*

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*Updated prices to reflect current sale prices*

Harris Teeter will have a Super Double Coupon Event starting Wednesday,April 27th!

*Looking for the Sale Ad?  Go here*

A new list will be posted on Tuesday with the sale ad items.  Asterisk marks an item currently on sale.  I’ve posted the regular price & will check on Tuesday to see if the sale continued.  I anticipate more freebies if some of the current sales continue.

Do you prefer the deals sorted this way or with the free, under $1 & over $1 categories?

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, below are some details.  You will also want to familiarize yourself with the new Coupon Policy.

  • This promotion will run 04/27-05/03
  • Harris Teeter will double coupons with a face value up to and including $1.98. A $1.50 coupon will be worth $3!
  • Limit 20 coupons per day
  • Limit 3 like coupons per transaction, 2 like printables
  • Some stores will NOT allow doubles on coupons that state “Do Not Double”
  • Can only use 1 coupon for B1G1 items
  • FREE and super cheap items go fast so shop early if you can

This list has expired
Personal Care
Pet Care
Baby Care

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  1. Hillary says

    Is it possible to get another Muir Glen Coupon once you’ve signed up with them? Or is it just a one time coupon? (Sorry that I accidentally posted this question on a different post)

    • Dana says

      From the Muir Glen website you can only get it once when you register. You may get emails periodically with coupons. I’m hoping more coupons pop on coupons.com. I love their products!

      • Hillary says

        That makes sense. I love their products too. Thanks for providing this information. I’m just learning the coupon process, and this makes it so much easier!!

  2. Mike says

    Help please! I am a newby and am very confused. I read this post and then went to the Muir Glen site and registered. I received my coupon and then hit the back button trying to get back to your site. Yippee, out popped another coupon. My question is, is that second coupon valid? Is using it another form of fraud?

    • Dana says

      Thanks for answering Wendy! She touched on everything. You can hit the back button and usually get 2 prints per coupons (make sure the coupon is loaded and printed before you hit back)

  3. Wendy says

    Mike- that is not coupon fraud, most websites will let you print 2, even if it seems you’re only suposed to print one. It is only coupon fraud if you went to your copier and made copies of the coupon. That is illeagal. If you tried to hit back again (a third time), and print normally a window pops up that says “We’re sorry you’ve already printed this coupon.” or something of that nature =) I hope that helps! I always try to print the coupons twice =) I even hook up my husbands computer and print 2 from his computer so I can get 4 of each coupon! =)

    • Dana says

      Oh no! There has been coupons for so long and it’s not something I can varify since I’ve already signed up

    • Dana says

      Maybe lots of people where in there. I can get in now, but I’m not seeing any coupons :( Wish I had printed when I did the matchups. I was in such a rush. Hopefully they pop back up


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