Harris Teeter Zaver Digital Coupon System Shutting Down

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The Zaver digital coupon system used by stores such as Harris Teeter looks to be shutting down.  In an article by recode.net,  Google is shutting down the Zaver product as it didn’t catch on as fast as they had hoped.

The Zaver digital coupon system allows shoppers to clip a coupon on the website and have it loaded onto their store loyalty card.  This allows shoppers to have the coupon amount automatically deducted at checkout.  The beauty of the Zaver system with Harris Teeter is that we are allowed to stack a Harris Teeter digital e-VIC coupon with a manufacture coupon.  This allows shoppers to maximize savings at one of my favorite grocery store chains.

Since Harris Teeter was bought out by Kroger, it is possible that we will see a similar digital coupon platform.  The downfall is that Kroger digital coupons can’t be stacked.  Now, if they use the same platform as Kroger, they MAY still allow coupon stacking.  It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.  I hope they keep the program the way it is and simply move to a different platform.

Please note that this isn’t being brought about by Harris Teeter, it’s the system they are using from Google that is shutting down.

I emailed Harris Teeter and this is the response:

Thanks for contacting us regarding the eVIC coupons. Google informed us last week that it was shutting down this service, and although Google has not given us an exact end date, we are discussing next steps regarding our e-coupon program. We will communicate directly with our e-VIC customers as soon as we have more information.  In the meanwhile, I hope you continue to take advantage of your e-VIC coupons, double manufacturers? coupons up to $0.99 every day and all the other ways to save at Harris Teeter.  For more information about why Google is shutting down its coupon business, I encourage you to contact that company directly.

Thanks for being our customer!

I’m waiting to learn more from Harris Teeter on how this will impact shoppers. I’ll report back as soon as I learn more.

Will this affect the way you shop at Harris Teeter?

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  1. Dawn says

    Oh man! I know it is not HT’s fault but i feel like it’s just the beginning of changes we aren’t going to like. The Kroger buy out has me concerned.

  2. Dana Zeliff says

    Fingers crossed they just change the platform without making other adverse changes to the policy.

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