Hubby’s Cub Scouts Cake – Let’s Go Camping!

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Two-toned grass, a cookie crumb beach and a drop-down for the water

My hubby is amazing!  Why?  Look at this fantastic cake he made with Monkey Boy for a Cub Scout Bake-Off!  Dad’s and Scouts were asked to make a cake to be judged at their recent Pack Meeting.  Participation was voluntary, but hubby knew how much this would mean to Monkey.  They even placed!

We brainstormed together, but that was the end of my involvement.  All the credit goes to the 2 men in my life.

Pretzel tepee, jelly bean and tootsie roll camp fire with tootsie roll logs.  Don’t forget the chocolate goldfish in the water!

Everything on the cake is edible except for the 2 little bean guys (Monkey wanted Scouts on the cake). 

The final product

Monkey had so much fun making this cake with his daddy!  I know there are cake masters out there, but I think it’s pretty good for amateurs 

Looking for more cakes?  We’ve made a Dora and a Princess Castle too


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