HUGE CVS Money Making Haul!! Check This Out!!!

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HUGE CVS Money Making Haul!!  Check This Out!!!

Wow!  This had to be my BEST shopping trip ever at ANY store!  I did end up purchasing items that I did not intend to, but because of the $50.00 ECB I needed to increase my final price on the first transaction.  All those items though will be donated which is the best part!

I mentioned the Money Making Paypal Master Card deal earlier in a FB post!  I do believe this may be a regional deal so look for the signs at your store or at the online ad.  This deal was not in my ad that I received in my newspaper, but it was at my store here in Hampton.

Transaction #1:

(1) Paypal Master Card $150.00 value
Add $150.00 to card +  $4.95
Total: $154.95
Receive $50.00 ECB ($45.05 Money Maker!)

***The Master Card can be used anywhere!  Use it to pay bills, do your Christmas shopping, purchase gift cards or whatever you please!  A $4.95 fee will be charged in 48 hours and then once monthly after that so make sure to use this fast so you can avoid the fees.

Transaction #2:  I purchased everything that did not have coupons in this transaction in order to keep the final total higher in order to use the $50 Ecb, thus keeping the total of transactions lower.

99¢ ECB wyb Ricola Extra Strength, 4 ct 99¢ Limit 1
Final Price= FREE

99¢ ECB wyb Hershey’s Theater Box, 4-6 oz., 99¢ Limit 1
Final Price= FREE

99¢ ECB wyb Kraft Mac & Cheese, 5.5-7.25 oz., 99¢ Limit 1
Final Price= FREE

99¢ ECB wyb CVS Pantiliners, 20 ct., 99¢ Limit 1
Final Price= FREE

99¢ ECB wyb Advil Film Coated 4 ct., 99¢ Limit 1
Final Price= FREE

79¢ ECB wyb Hershey’s Singles 79¢ Limit 1
Final Price= FREE

$3 ECB wyb (2) Starbucks Refreshers or Doubleshots 2/$3 Limit 1  (My store offered the Issmo Illy as a substitute)
Final Price= FREE

$2 ECB wyb GUM Toothbrush, 2 pk., $2 Limit 2
Final Price= FREE

$1.79 ECB wyb Total Home Detergent, 20 oz., $1.79 Limit 1
Final Price= FREE

$1 ECB wyb Orbit Gum, 14 ct., $1 Limit 1
Final Price= FREE

$1 ECB wyb Wrigley’s 5 Gum, 15 ct., $1 Limit 1
inal Price= FREE

CVS Motion Sickness Tablets $6.49 (no deal or coupons, I was running low and needed to grab some more)

Total: $51.18
Used $50.00 ECB (lost $.02)
Final= $1.20 OOP
Received $46.00 ECB’s back

Transaction #3: 

(2) HERSHEY’S KISSES OR REESE’S HOLIDAY CANDY, on sale BOGO $3.99  (my store did not get the smaller bags in and substituted a large bag for 2 small)

$3.00 ECBs wyb Colgate Total 4-4.2oz @ $3.00
Final Price = $3.00 money maker!

$2.37 ECB wyb Children’s Advil 1 oz., $2.37 Limit 1
Final Price= MONEYMAKER!

$1.25 ECB wyb Glade Plugins Warmer 1 ct., $1.25 Limit 1

$1.49 ECB wyb Visine, .5 oz., $5.49 Limit 1
Final Price= MM

$2 ECB wyb Listerine $2.99 Limit 2
Final Price: FREE

$4.99 ECB wyb Micratine Migraine $4.99 Limit 1
Final Price: FREE

$5.00 ECB wyb 1ct Gillette Venus $6.99
Final Price: $2.01 MM

$1.00 ECB wyb Sparkle Paper Towel Limit 1
Final Price: 2 FREE

Total: $48.82 (before coupons)
used $19.49 ECB’s
Final: $2.33 OOP
Received $21.10 ECB’s back

Total all 3 transactions: $8.48 OOP
ECB’s remaining: $47.61
$39.13 Money Maker for all 3 Transactions






    • Melissa says

      I’m up here in Hampton. I was at the Mercury Blvd and Woodland Store. These cards won’t be by the registers. There is a HUGE display with all different gift cards at the end of one of the aisles. You’ll find them there. That’s also where the little yellow tag was showing the deal. I found my display by the hair care aisle.

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