July Grocery Tally (Umm, rather late)

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I realize that this post is way overdue!  We had a 5 week month in July, so my month didn’t actually end until August 5th.  Harris Teeter Super Doubles news came not long after that, so I got behind.  I’m actually amazed with how well I did in July!  I usually get nervous and have to work extra hard to keep within my $300 monthly budget.  You’ll notice from past months that I give myself $75 a week to spend on groceries.  However, I don’t allow an extra $75 during a 5 week month. 

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I’d be interested to know how others handle a 5 week month.  I give extra money to the cash envelopes as follows and the rest goes into savings:

Holiday: $100
Eating Out: $100
Dana Allowance: $20
Derrick Allowance: $20

July Breakdown:
Total Shelf Cost: $652.15
Total Savings: $460.22
Total Rebates Owed: $23.99
Savings Rate: 70.59%

Total OOP in July: $215.92
5 week month: $43.18 per week! 

Total Remaining from Budget: $84.08

I even had a fun, no coupon trip to Traders Joe’s! Derrick requested steak after I told him my July total :)

How did you do in July?
How do you handle 5 week months?


  1. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    It's amazing how I tend to think of my purchases more now that I'm posting my monthly spending online! I'm not lowering my budget but it's nice to know I can spend so much less without a lot of sacrifice.

  2. Erin @ Fun With Freebies! says

    That is great! The 5 week months are hard and you really have to plan for them to not go over budget.

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