Mailbox Monday (02/21)

A rather slow mailbox week, but I did get the new P&G coupon booklet that will yield free and cheap deodorant plus a few other things at Harris Teeter Super Doubles.  Plus a coupon for FREE Planters that I got from a Facebook promo.

  • Forbes Magazine
  • Maxim Magazine
  • Spin Magazine
  • Free panties from Victoria Secret coupon
  • Covergirl Naturluxe sample
  • Women’s Health calendar
  • FREE coupon for Planters
  • P&G coupon booklet
  • Paypal money from the blog (that I turned around & bought the printable list plug-in with)

Most of my local stores don’t take Internet coupons for free products.  Since these mailers look like printable coupons (somewhat) I keep the entire page intact until I’m at the register.  If I’m told by a cashier that I can’t use the coupon, I can pull out the remaining 2/3 page that includes my address to prove that it was mailed to me.  Just my little trick.

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  1. When in doubt I go to Walmart. They’ve never given me any trouble with coupons for free items.

    • You’re lucky, Walmart likes to get picky with me sometimes. I guess it depends on the store and cashier you happen to get.


  2. Thankfully, I haven’t had any trouble at Kroger with my free product coupons at all.

    Happy Mailbox Monday and Presidents Day too!

  3. I missed out on the Planters :( I did get some of the other things the same as you.

  4. I missed the Planters coupon too… it seems that I’m always too late for the Facebook freebies. Happy MM!

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