Mailbox Monday (05/02)

It was a bit of a slow week for my mailbox.  I’m hoping the Google Adwords credit will work.  Every time I receive one, it ends up having a stipulation of new members only.

- Car & Driver Magazine
- Forbes Magazine
- Free Product coupon for Uncle Ben’s
- $100 Google Adwords credit from Host Gator
- P&G Coupons
- Rouge Magazine with P&G coupons
- Similac Coupons (not sure why I get these)

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  1. Ezhilvizhi says:

    How do you get the P&G Coupons in email. Can we sign up for mail coupons?

  2. Sometimes I get the coupons and have no idea where they came from since I sign up for so much.

    Make sure you have signed up with P&G Everyday Savings

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