March Grocery Tally

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Monthly Grocery Tally
I still can’t figure out where March went.  At least we have nice weather coming our way!
I just finished entering all my receipts into the Savings Tracker and was pleasantly surprised to see we were slightly under budget this month.  I know the extra money is still in my cash envelope, but it’s nice to see on the spreadsheet.
For those of you who missed the first post in February, my grocery budget is $75 week.  You can also learn more about my families spending habits from February’s Grocery Tally.
Total Spent: $282.94
Average per Week: $70.74
Rebates Owed: $13.99 – $6 Tilapia and $7.99 Olay Quench
Total Shelf Cost: $820.59
Total Saved: $551.64
Percentage Saved: 67.22%
Have: $5 Target Gift Card, $4 RR, and $11 ECB’s
How did you do this month?
Please note that all families are different, some might spend less and some might spend more. I know I certainly don’t have the lowest grocery budget out there. Do what works best for your family and if you want to lower your monthly spending, we’ll work on it.


  1. Sienna says

    Okay this makes me feel better, i am getting better at the couponing and have brought my grocery bill down substantially… but, when I see that some people are spending only 50 dollars a week it is hard to believe! I know it is do able, but wow.

  2. Dana says

    Great job bringing down your grocery bill! I'd love to only spend $50 wk, but I doubt that will ever happen with my family :)

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